The Misunderstanding

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20wanga
The Misunderstanding
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Act 4

This is a project I created on the website Scratch. It is made for my technology project for tech class. The story is completely made up, and has no connections with anything real. Nonetheless, I chose this idea because I thought that it would be interesting to make into a animation. Though it was stressful, I had a fun time doing this project. Hopefully we'll come back to scratch for other purposes!

Act 1
Setting- Deli near a school
[Alex enters from stage right into the deli]
Alex- Hey there Phil! What’s up?
[Phil walks out from stage right to counter]
Phil- What can I get for you today?
Alex- I’ll take a BLT only please.
Phil- Coming right up!
[Exits stage on stage right]
Alex- [Looks around the shelves, waiting for his food; Sam runs into the store, from stage right]
Alex- Hey kid can you relax? This is a deli, not a gym!
Sam- [Takes a lot of bandages and runs out of the store from stage right]
Alex- [On the top of his lungs] HE STOLE SOMETHING!!!!!!
Phil- [Oblivious to what is occurring]
Alex- [Exits store from stage right]
Phil- Here’s your BLT??? Where did you go? Alex?

Act 2
Setting- Sidewalk in front of a school building
Sam- [Starts to run] Got to get to Zach!
Alex- [Runs from stage bottom to top stage.Quickens pace] STOP THAT CHILD! HE BROKE THE LAW!!!!!
Sam- [Runs inside school on stage right]
Alex- [In confusion] Did he go in there?
Sam- [Runs out to field] Got to get to Zach!

Act 3
Alex- [Enters deli again on stage right] Did you see?
Phil- See what?
Phil- Did somebody really do that?
Alex- YESS! Come on, I know which way he went.
[Phil and Alex exit stage right]

Act 4
[Phil and Alex walk from stage left to right to catch up with Sam]
Alex- Just where do you think you’re going?
Phil- Yeah!!
Sam- You don't understand but I need to go now or else it’ll be too late.
Alex and Phil- What do you mean?
Sam- Look my friend Zach is hurt really bad and you were the closest place to get bandages, and I had to do something quick or else it would have been too late. Come with me.
[Trio walks toward Zach, on stage right]
Alex and Phil- Awwwwww!!
Sam- [Treats Zach to cover up his wound]
Alex- Look kid, you did the right thing. You acted fast to help out your friend. Just that next time, don’t steal. It gives us the impression that you are doing something wrong, but you really are not. Be a good kid, and be responsible for your actions.
Sam- I’m sorry, I didn't really think about it, and that was silly of me.
Phil- It’s okay
Alex- Have a good day kids, and remember this as a lesson!
[Alex and Phil exit stage left & Sam and Zach exit stage right]
Phil- About that BLT…

Developer's Logs-
Sesson #1-
3/11/15, School
I spent most of my time trying to import my avatars and backgrounds from I had some trouble removing the white space around the avatars and backgrounds, and that took up a lot of time. I will try to get that task done next time I work on this.

Session #2-
3/13/15, 10:20 AM, School
I spent my time working on the first 4 steps of my project plan. I didn’t encounter that many problems, so I was overall satisfied with the work I produced today. Maybe I can edit some of the scripts to make the scene flow better.

Session #3-
3/15/15, 6:30 PM, Home
I programmed my project up until act 3. Nothing went wrong terribly, however it was a challenge to crop out all the white background for each avatar. I solved this issue by installing Gimp on my computer, and I used that program to clear out all the blank space with the alpha layer. The only change to my design plan is that the scheduling is not accurate, based on my work speed as of right now. The schedule did not go as planned, however I think I can get it done.

Session #4-
3/16/15, 8:30 PM, Home
I finished the remainder of the project today, however most of the project just disappeared after a few moments! What happened exactly was unclear to me, but I could not restore it whatsoever. I tried as much as I could to fix it but there was no luck. I didn’t finish on time. I couldn’t submit the project, however I hope that I can hand it in at a later date. This is very frustrating.

Session #5- (Due to unfortunate computer error)
3/18/15, 7:30 PM, Home
I finished the project one again from the start. It sure was time consuming, but I couldn’t do anything about it. There were no big issues. I had some small broadcasting issues, however those were typically fixed in an instant so it wasn’t too big of a deal.



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Submitted by 21harrism on Tue, 2016-03-01 12:12.

This is really great! I use Scratch too, and I hardly ever see a project that emphasizes the difference between doing the wrong thing for the right reasons and doing the right thing for the right reasons. I've read books about people doing that, like A Series of Unfortunate Events, and it seems that it makes the perpetrators really guilty. This could really help people know what to do in a situation like this.