The MLG Adventures of Bob the Moron

Mar 31, 2016
The MLG Adventures of Bob the Moron
The MLG Adventures of Bob the Moron Storyboard

My animation is about a ghoul named Bob. His friend makes fun of his name and Bob gets angry. Bob then tells him that he will summon the unicorns on his friend by collecting the dust from Wizard Felix. After Bob and his friend make this bet, Bob then leaves and goes to the MLG portal to see M.L.G A.K.A Mighty Lord Gregory to get the power of the DANK. Bob talks to MLG tells him why he needs the dust. He gets the power of DANK and goes to Wizard Felix and gets the fairydust and autograph and goes back to his friend. He kills his friend and he still gets made fun of.

The setting is in a graveyard

Low Level Noob: Hey Bobbio. Or should I say BOB THE BUILDER. HHMMMMMMMMM!
Bobbio: Dude. If you make fun of my name, I will summon the Unicorns on you.
Low Level Noob: But you can’t summon the unicorns without the magic fairy dust located at the fortress of Wizard Wayne.
Bobbio: But I can use the power of MLG a.k.a Mighty Lord Gregory.
Low Level Noob: If you can get an autograph from Wizard Wayne and get fairy dust I will lick the bottoms of all the graves.
Bobbio: Challenge Accepted and also tell Swapnil if he makes fun of my name he will be SKADOOSH!
Bobbio moves to the right

Stage background changes to MLG portal

MLG: Hey Bobbio would you like some life insurance oh wait you're not alive. HAHAHA #REKT!!!!!!
MLG: Too much?
BobBio: Yeah…
MLG: Well what do you need? Doritos, Mountain Dew, I know you what dank memes.
Bobbio: No it's not that. I need your power to get fairy dust from Wizard Wayne.
MLg: But why do you need fairy dust?
Bobbio:Because everyone keeps making fun of my name and I would like to teach them a lesson and besides my ghoul friend would lick the bottoms of the graves.
MLG: Are you sure you can harness the power? Its very powerful.
Bobbio: Yes I can harness the power of the DANK.
MLG: Ok.
Switches costume
MLG: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bobbio switches costumes
BObbio: I don't agree with the color choice, but this is awesome. Anyway thanks for your help. Bye MLG.

Backdrop changes to pathway of Wizard Wayne's castle

Blue Bat appears

Blue Bat: Who goes there?
Bobbio: I am Bob the Builder and I am here to get the fairy dust from wizard Wayne
Blue Bat: You think I am going to let you get passed me. Now go away before I eat you.
Bobbio: Watch me get passed you!

Ray appears

Blue Bat: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Blue Bat disappears

Bobbio: Well that was easy
Bobbio moves to the right

Backdrop changes to Wayne's castle

Wayne appears
Wayne: Who are you and how did you get pass my guard?!
Bobbio: Well it was easy i harnessed the power of the DANK. Now can I have some fairy dust?
Wayne: Ok. I'm too lazy to fight you. Well here you go.

Wait three seconds

Bobbio: Well…
Wayne: Oh i used my power to transport the dust into your gown or whatever. Now go away.
Bobbio: Yes i finally have the fairy dust.

Unicorns appear

Wayne: What have you done? You are causing chaos!
Bobbio: No I am causing greatness! I am God of a new world. Now Unicorns, disappeared.

Unicorns Disappear

Bobbio: Now may I have your autograph?
Wayne: Okay. Anything for the fans!

The aspects of this project that I am proud of is that everything was in order and was programmed correctly and the timing for every action is perfect. I also left out any copyrighted items in my animation such as Elmacorns or Bob Junior Senior the 39th.

What could be improved is the storyline because there were many random topics in the animation and if I made everything in the story link up, then the animation would have been more smooth.