Mock interview on the book "The Zombie Survival Guide" (read this)

Jan 19, 2011

Mock Interview on the book The Zombie Survival Guide
Interviewed by Andrew
Being interviewed is Max Brooks
Andrew: hello Mr. Brooks I am here to talk to you about your book  The Zombie Survival Guide
Max: Hi, and yes about my book... well what would you like to know?
Andrew: Well for starters could you explain to us exactly what makes a Zombie?
Max: Zombies are known more popularly as the walking dead. What they are is basically a human infected by a very rare and dangerous virus known as solanum.
Andrew: now exactly what is solanum? Can it be cured, or is a cure still on the way, also how quickly does it turn a human into a flesh-eating monster?
Max: Solanum is, so far an instant death sentence. Extensive research is being done on the virus though as we speak. What the research has told so far is that solanum kills a human in 24 hours, and then a few hours later that person who was pronounced dead will reanimate and come alive again. What happens on the inside of the infected person is that the virus makes its way into the human’s brain, then once there it will stop the natural body functions. So the heart and lungs will have stopped, but the virus will live on inside the brain. Once the body has fully died the virus will begin to restart the brain and by doing this it will control the whole body. Although all of the organs that we normally need will be of no use the virus will still be able to work the body. The product of this gruesome transformation will be a pale/gray skinned, slack jawed, hungry human eating machine. The virus inside the infected human’s brain can be transferred but only through bodily fluids such as blood and saliva. This is why the bite of a zombie is so deadly.
Andrew: wow! That is amazing, how is it possible to still be capable of some sort of life and yet have no heart or lungs???
Max: well as you may know we humans only use part of brains full capacity, it is theorized that the Solanum virus is capable of this by using the full extent of the brain. Zombies should still be considered dead though, and they do not live a normal life span, if they are not burned, or decapitated it takes an estimated 5 years for a zombie to decompose, give or take depending on the terrain and climate.
Andrew: that brings me to my next topic, how do you kill one of these horrible monsters?
Max: Well that topics way too big to be answered fully, the shortened answer would be to stop the brain from working, so a bullet in the head, a caved in or bashed in skull, decapitation, etc. Fire and acids also can kill zombies, but should only be used on rare occasions, considering it takes a great deal of time for a skull to be burned through by acid, and fire also takes a long time to burn a zombie. Also remember this fire can be your enemy to, you cannot train fire to burn only zombies, fire can kill you as well as it can burn down houses and your fortifications from Zombies.
Andrew: so how do you expect us to prepare for when Zombies actually attack?
Max: well you should prepare ahead of time by simply making a list of what you would need, organizing where you would go or stay, and also keep a quick weapon in case of an emergency. It is vital you choose your weapon based of your own talents and skill, but also that of your groups (if you have one). Once they do rise set up an apocalyptic fail safe spot that is miles away from civilization. Also clean your weapons and prepare for siege or to be on the go. There are so many details about sieges, being on the go, or having an apocalyptic fail safe that you really have a better chance of finding out everything from my book rather me.
Andrew: Thanks I really look forward to reading the book, but I have one more question. Will zombies ever win over humanity or is that an unlikely outcome?
Max: Only time will tell.


it sounds like a really

Submitted by 15LAMNIJIR on Wed, 2011-01-19 20:38.

it sounds like a really funny and intresting book. You have to lend it to me. I just have one question and don't judge me when I ask you this but, does the author believe that the stuff he says is true?