Molly and Spike {An Ethical Adventure}

Apr 23, 2013
by: 18keegane

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So, what is this project all about?
Well my project stars a little girl named Molly. Molly is in love with dogs, and wants one really badly. Her mom does'nt really want one though. One day when walking home from school, Molly stumbles apon a stray dog that seems to have gotten separated by it's owner. She brings this dog home and tells her Mother and Father. Her parents let her keep it as long as the owner does not come to find it. They put up posters ans eventually the owner calls, does Molly choose to answer it and give the dog away or pick it up and give the dog to its owner? You decide. This project includes a interactive feature in which the viewer chooses what to do! I hope you like it ^.^

What did you do to make it?
It was a long process making it. I decided to even add a special feature for the viewer to get to know the charicters a little better. I spent about 6 hours making it, and it is longer than it was supposed to be. I think that I followed muy story board, a piece of paper I used to plan out my project before hand, which was one of my reqirements. This also required me to google doc my progress. It was not hard to make, but really compicated and time consuming.

What did I learn from this?
What I think I took away from this was that I should always give a dog back if I find one and the owner calls. I also learned that porcrastionation results in a crappy prodject. Click on the link above and see for yourself ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^