A More Diverse America

Apr 30, 2015
by: LeenaS18

I am and Arab girl living in America, so I have grown up in two different cultures. Some people aren't familiar with other cultures even though America is an extremely diverse country. I have been a few other countries in the middle east, and it is amazing how much American culture has spread across the world. Countries in different continents have the same restaurants, same clothes, and same movies and shows that we have. Even the english language is used often in these countries. I think that is really impressive, but also sort of sad. America is a country of people with many different cultures and religions, but we don't embrace it enough. I think that if we embraced other cultures the way other cultures embraced ours, people would know more and be able to actually communicate with people from other places. Even if we have things from other countries, like food for example, we usually find a way to americanize it. Even though we live in an amazing country, we could make it better by trying to become even more diverse than we are now.



Submitted by minnie.s on Tue, 2015-05-05 22:17.

Hi Leena,
I think you have a great take on American culture, especially when you said we should embrace other cultures the way they embrace ours. We do try to Americanize things, from food to fashion. I think a reason this may be is because American culture is really a mix of multiple different cultures, since there is such racial diversity in the United States. However, I do agree that there is still a ways to go for true cultural equality in the U.S. Very interesting post!