The Morning Routine

Feb 8, 2011
by: Sylvia09

Morning Routine

This is my story:
Saturday night Alex Jones called me telling me he wanted to go to breakfast in the morning. Ever since school started I haven't been able to sleep in so I decided to head over there around  8 in the morning. Pretty early right? We usually just walk into each others houses so I walked right in and went downstairs to his bedroom. He happened to still be asleep. I had my camera with me and started to pose him while he was sleeping. Surprisingly he was still asleep while this process was taking place. He finally woke up and hopped into the shower. I quickly snapped a shot of his dripping feet as he stepped out. Of course your first instinct after you get out of the shower is to brush your teeth. He then proceeded to get dressed. I made him take the shirt on and off about 20 times before I got the perfect picture with amazing lighting. He was even more tired by then. We walked upstairs and he grabbed a bowl of cereal, as he said, "I need breakfast before breakfast." I thought this was a little strange, must be a guy thing. Along with it came the morning coffee. This had to be the last thing he was going to do before we left. This, is the morning routine.

I chose this as my story because everyone can relate to it. Everyone, has a morning. You can see the rest of my story on my flickr page at: