The Movie Destroyer: Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

Feb 26, 2016

Hello everyone, this is The Movie Destroyer (originally Honest Movie Spoilers), and I'm your anchor Moira.
I was getting way too bored these days because of the snow. Four day weekend, nothing to do, so just write about some random movies.


People know Halo. If you don't, well, there's no reason for you to read this article.

Bungie did a great job on Halo 1, 2 and 3, and Halo Reach. Oh I love Reach. Noble Team! The Starship designs are awesome--duh, we've got too far from the topic. 343 totally spoiled Halo 5 Guardians, but I have to admit that the image quality had a great improvement. Halo 5 is not that bad, by the way, I didn't actually played it, but the storyline is good. I just HATE Agent Locke. It's not because he is a 343 character or from ONI, I just don't like him. He is a dumb ass, just for Chief to kick.
Too far, Moira, too far.

Halo fans, you gotta know that Halo 4 actually has a movie, called Forward Unto Dawn, in fact the name of the starship. Heck, how could I know which class it is? All in all, Master Chief is there, and our dear Lasky need to rescue him. I'm just wondering does Chief need anyone to rescue him? He and Cortana will find a way out. But hey, it's the plot, and plot can't change with facts.

There is NOTHING about Lasky actually go rescue Master Chief. What happened was:
>>>"This is UNSC Forward Unto Dawn..."//Comm broke//>>>
Lasky looked at a dog tag and a piece of stone-like stuff.
>>>Scene= "Circninus/year=2526/day alt="Corbulo_Academy">
Corbulo Academy is a place to train young kids to high rank UNSC commanders.
>>>Scene= "image/2526/ca_midnight alt="Covenant Attack Academy" >
Covenant attacked the Academy--certainly, in a night.
>>>Scene= "midnight/chaos/running/stepping alt="Skylift Falls">
They darted to the Skylift and it goes "BANG! BOOM!" I mean, it fell.
Awwww. I'm not a professional programmer, and "programming" is hard for me, alright? Actually, I did it way better than I thought so that they just showed up blank, I had to come back to change them and add this phrase on. I'll continue with normal talking.
After the Skylift fell, Lasky and his team was is chaos. They went out of the academy's building and ran like hell to somewhere else. I mean, inside another academy building.
And after that they met a Covenant guy... It killed one of them... *Screaming*
And they hid inside a weapon storage. The Covenant guy went in and nearly find them...

Master Chief jumped out and killed it, saved the last ones alive on the planet.
Okay, the question is:
How did Chief know that they're in the storage?
Oh, he really arrived on time. The kids were nearly killed. Good job, plot writers.
And...How did they became the last ones alive? Damn, how many people they have killed?

What then happened was everything that you can't see, because they're all in the dark. Mostly is Master Chief driving warthog and shooting, and what you can actually see is purple plasma beams, the light of warthog, and the fire of explosion. But as a tragic story, the romance between Lasky and his teammate, Chyler Silva, went to an end--she dies.
And Lasky became furious, he killed the first Covenant guy with the help of Master Chief. Oh, is that the stuff that looks like a stone? It's an armor piece of his first victim.
At dawn they arrived at a hill, where Linda and Fred are waiting inside a pelican, and they left the planet. Linda showed her face. Fred showed his face.

Chief didn't do anything, except:
"Good job, soldier."
Hey, I want to look at your face!!!

Travel back to UNSC Infinity. Lasky standing there.
"Lasky? Want the record one more time?"
The fleet jumped into SlipStream space.

I don't really have too much to say for it, so I grabbed a bunch of friends.
The comments below are from my friends from UNSC Infinity. I copied them all down:
Mr PaoMo: It doesn't really look like Master Chief's armor. The one in Forward Unto Dawn is dumber. The Hunter didn't push Chief on the ground. In game it should. By the way, how did Chief jumped on its back?
Hshxbxb: The plot is good. The plot is good. The plot is good. Chief is awesome. :)
Dust: The inside lining of Chief's armor looks too heavy. (Me: How can he figure that out???) Linda looks weird.

So, wait for a ninety-minutes long commercial advertisement for the famous Halo franchise, see the story before Halo 4 in the Infinity's commander's view. It's boring but it's a good movie, I swear if it's not I couldn't have watch it for four times.

Nothing to say. Photo gallery.

This is all for today's Movie Destroyer, see you next month.
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