Mr Linden's Library

Mar 27, 2015
by: ybarrios

He had warned Lindsey about the book now it was too late, because Lindsey read the book but she fell asleep as she was reading the book,and the book vines were coming out and Lindsey didn't feel anything. Is that what Mr linden had warned Lindsey about? The next morning when Lindsey woke up her room was filled with vines. Lindsey was scared between being a life or death.She was able to get some scissors and cut some vines but that did not stop the vines from holding her and keeping her in her bedroom. Lindsey mom was home and so she heard some noises that worried her so she went to her room she saw her daughter on the floor and she tried to cut the vines but it was growing more and more and so her mom could not do anything else instead her mom called the police and they helped her the police cut the vines all the way and they were able to survive Lindsey. The police burned the book but the book was not burned but the book is still waiting for someone to check it out.