Mulan Archetype

May 29, 2015
by: Turtle

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The beloved disney character Mulan follows a hero archetype. She can be classified as a Hero as a Scapegoat. Mulan classifies this way because instead of letting her crippled father go off to war and probably die, she takes his place by pretending to be a man and going off to fight the evil Huns. She suffers for her dad which makes her a Hero as a Scapegoat. Although she is discovered and sent home she goes back to warn the army that the Huns actually survived and were going to kill the Emperor. She saves his life and is recognized as a hero by the nation, and also finds love in the process.


This is a really good example

Submitted by naomis18 on Fri, 2015-05-29 17:51.

This is a really good example of an example of an archetype. I think that there are a lot of archetypes in kids movies and stories, and Mulan is definetly one of them.

I also think Mulan is a great

Submitted by chanheejoy on Fri, 2015-05-29 20:09.

I also think Mulan is a great example of hero as a scapegoat because she took her father's place to fight in the war instead. She'd suffered for her father. This reminded me of the Hunger Games, when Katniss Everdeen volunteered to take her sister, Prim's place when she was chosen to fight in the game. I think if I were Mulan or Katniss, I would do make the same decision too to save someone I love. I believe Mulan is a true hero archetype.

Wow I didn't even think about

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Submitted by Turtle on Sat, 2015-05-30 15:01.

Wow I didn't even think about that. It's true that in many books and movies the character becomes a hero through suffering for someone else. Perhaps even the willingness to suffer for others is the definition of love, and heroism and love are deeply combined.

Possible third archetype here?

Submitted by Crowley2018 on Sun, 2015-05-31 16:25.

While I definitely agree that "hero as scapegoat" and "hero as warrior" are prominent archetypes in this story, is there a possibility of the "hero as lover" archetype being involved too? Kind of along with the "hero as scapegoat," her love for her crippled father fueled her to run off and join the army so that he didn't have to. Because this love is the cause for all of her actions, I think that this could play an important role. Now, I am not sure if that is the kind of love meant by that archetype, or more a boyfriend-girlfriend thing; so maybe it doesn't really fit after all. But it might be that it plays a much larger role as well.

HI! I completely agree that

Submitted by JessicaT18 on Sun, 2015-05-31 20:01.

HI! I completely agree that Mulan is a hero, especially with everything she did for her dad! And I like how you added the very condenced summary! Great Read! :)!

Scapegoats are pretty noble

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Submitted by landayc18 on Mon, 2015-06-01 11:21.

Scapegoats are pretty noble in my opinion. Sure, a huge portion of every scapegoat ever does not choose to be one- that doesn't make their sacrifices any less noble.