The Murderer and His Love

Mar 29, 2016
by: 21bessama
Spoiler (Murder happens)

Okay, so my story is about a murderer who can murder people by just thinking about it. The actual effect this has on the animation is that they pixelate away into nothingness, usually with blood all over themselves, because he can imagine how they die. The story starts off as the main character, Victor is being cornered by a security guard. He uses his powers to kill the security guard and escape. He then proceeds to meet 3 other people, who were lost. Ruby and her boyfriend Kyle, and Ruby's younger brother Jeb. What happens next... Let's just say it doesn't end well for anyone. I was inspired to do this piece when I was reading an article about Jeffrey Dahmer, who was a cannibal. I started off thinking about cannibalism, which ended up turning into serial killing. With my sick and twisted mind, I managed to come up with this plot where, everyone dies, and a story's main character who is heartless- well sort of. Watch the animation to see what happens in the Murderer and His Love. (I would like to apologize beforehand for psyching everyone up and then making a crappy video. I suck at Scratching so, I'm sorry about that)

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