Music On Memory

Apr 5, 2009
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We all love to listen to music.  Whether it is rock, or classic everyone has a time when they like to listen to our ipods, but we don't really ever think it could be good for us.  However, in a recent study researchers have learned that listening to music may actually be good for our memory. 

Music has been found to stimulate many different parts of the brain, perhaps even parts that aren't often stimulated otherwise.  These studies have proven that music helps the memories of patients suffering from Alzheimer and dementia. 

A study conducted at the University of California, Irvine, showed that scores on memory tests of people with Alzheimer`s greatly improved when they listened to Mozart. They recalled shapes and patterns better, for example, than when they were not listening to Mozart

However, in a similar study done at Appalachian State, they quoted that this 'Mozart Effect' had no real effects on our memory, and none of it could be scientifically proven. 

Despite this conflict, more studies have proven that it truly does have an effect on our memories.  researchers also determined that classical music had the greatest effects on memory.  The same researchers at Irvine called this recent discovery 'The Mozart Effect', according to

So, it might be worth it to break out the classical music every once in a while, it may be worth it in our old age.