My 3 Stories

Sep 25, 2008
by: Odarri

I remember a soda-geyser caused by chemical reactions. A time in Earth science class the teacher called Ms. Nicodemi's ,where she display an odd science factor event (should i say a myth buster). It happened with a plastic 1 ounce coke and added 4 mentos in within the bottle . Ecstatic as we were we saw and wild stream explosion(Pepsi style).The observation end with an assignment to write about what you thought about it.
As I was coming from  Elementary school one day; well usually a regular routine but i usually walk with friends but there were not friends around to accompany me.Yet i was away told not to walk alone. Well while walking i though i myself "why not take a shorter route to home. I though for a second i was like really tired (i kinda did not like to walk too much). My friends and I usually takes a short passage through an long adjacent block , usually we had stopped going so i wonder again in my head "is it or was it safe to ever travel through this forest like place alone. I could not of turned back i was great distance from school. With that though i ventured on in to the forest. Which walking everything seemed calm (its was good hearing the birds flock there wings over my head ,yet heading the other way). I walked by a few houses likely to be buried in the forest I saw a Dog sleeping,an i was frightened ,but i still walk through to pass by the slumbering dog. I would say the dog was half asleep. In my mind(The dog was a rock wailer)while using my imagination ,the dog was approximately 4 foot tall when standing on two's. Seriously i would i hate if something went wrong ,which it did. With all the bad luck i had then; the dog arose swiftly an sawt after me. I was so ecstatic and scared to even remember my fear of dogs". I tried to maneuver my way to staying alive ,I went around multiple blocks to escape from this beast, Yet I was running faster than a dog on all four's(I thought that is crazy). I bent many corners and then out run the dog from the end of the dept of the forest. How did I do It I have no clue?

One time,  my friends and I went out on a Friday to where ever our thoughts took us. We had many thoughts about going to the movies after school for a friend's, so it was decided that we travel to the theater for his birthday. When we got there we ordered tickets to enjoy a movie which I right now can not remember. The time was late after begin in the theater (7:10pm) watching a movie of which was nice an enjoyable for us. While we were hungry we walk towards home, or just a bus stop, we were hungry also not interested on going home just yet, so we kept walking and we saw a restaurant that was hidden,and it had served Japanese food for a korean restaurant. We entered interested in what the food would be like. we ordered,we ate, we enjoyed, and talked. A friend of my own Andrew tai had payed for the meal. I was gratetful;an really wanted to make it up to him on him birthday. We leave in peace an so ended the day.[Eating dinner after a movie at our favorite hidden korean restaurant].