No Time for Goodbyes

Mar 29, 2016

(Note: This is my mother's story.)

Hi my name is Sophia and I am 8 years old and I am a girl with a sister and a mother and a father. When I was coming from school in D.R my mom told us, “Nos estamos moviendo a US.”

But I told her, “¿por qué vamos a US?"

Then she said, “porque este país es malo para usted,” then she said, “no dice a su abuela.”

And I said, “O.K. Mama,” but the sad part is that I would have to leave my family and my friends.

While my mom was doing the paperwork to go to the U.S, I wanted to throw it in the trash. I would get in trouble with my mom and dad.

Everything was so good. I had a farm with my favorite pets, like my pig, my cow, my sheep, my chicken. My favorite pet out of all of my pets was my horse, Luck. She won five races when I was five years old.

Now I have to give it all up. I wish we never had to leave my farm and my friends and my family.

And while my mom was going the paperwork to move to the US, I was going to my mom’s mom house and I would spend time with her before I had to leave to the US, and I told her that I was going to the US, and she was crying.

I felt bad for her, and so I told her, "We are going to visit you as much as we can."

But when I got home, my mom called me into the living room, and when I got to the living room, my mom had a mad face. Her face looked like a tomato, but lighter.

I asked her what wrong, and she told me that I had told her mother that we were moving to the US, and she called my mom with tears in her eyes,

My mom had told me do not tell my grandma, but I had not listened. So my mom grounded me, and she told me that we were leaving the next day and that I had to have a good sleep because we were waking up at 3:00 in the morning.

While I was falling asleep, I was crying because I had to leave before I had said goodbye to all of my pets and my friends and my other family members. This was a bad day for me.

The next day it was 3:00. I was so tired! There was a guy in a black van with other people, and I had no room, so then I got off the van and I got on the one behind it. My sister and my father were there.

It took us three days and four hours and 30 minutes to get to the US.

When I got out of the van, I was so proud that I came because the city was so pretty and bright and colorful.

I am so happy that I came to this place.