My Extended biography

Oct 16, 2009
by: dguaman
What I'm good at

My name is Daisy. My favorite colors are purple and red. I have two older siblings. We like to play soccer and volleyball in the park. My brother Edgar teaches me most of the things I know now. He taught me how to swim and ride my bicycle.

I also learned how to fly a kite because my older brother in Ecuador taught me. My mom taught me how to cook rice but I occasionally burn the rice. I have hair that resembles my grandma’s hair and my eyes are like my grandfathers. I never met them but I got to see a picture of them my grandmother from my mom’s side and grandfather from my dad’s side.  I think that I mostly resemble my mom and grandmother. I like sports like my dad, he taught me mostly all the sports that I know.

What I like to do inside school is learn math. Geometry is my favorite subject in the school. Art is also one of my favorite subjects because you can express yourself in creative ways. English isn’t one of my strong subjects but so far it’s been easier than last year. Gym is also a class so I guess I can count it as something I enjoy doing as well and Japanese.  

What I enjoy doing outside of school is basically going to Manhattan in Lexington. I also enjoy going to the recreation center in flushing to learn how to ice skate and swim. Swimming in the pool there is okay but sometimes it’s too crowded so you can’t swim like you would want to. I like to eat frozen yogurt and drink bubble tea. My brother’s friend took me to Canal Street in Manhattan for bubble tea, which was the first I ever drank bubble tea.