My Favorite Place

Mar 20, 2016

Growing up, my grandparents used to live in St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. The first time I went, I was four, and I have been many times since. What my family has always liked best about it is that it isn’t over commercialized, such as Myrtle Beach or Palm Beach is. St. Simons Island is a small community. Although my parents and I didn’t live there, we knew many of the people and felt like a part of the community. I made friends with the kids next store, and we even became friends with the mailman, Melvin. St. Simon’s Island holds so many things that I treasure. There’s a main strip of tiny stores and the buildings are adorable with their pastel paint and colorful awnings. For some reason I’ve always been captivated by the pet hermit crabs one of the shops sells. The island is also home to a boardwalk for fishing, and lots of sandy areas where kids fly kites. It’s also one of the easiest places to find sand dollars under the water. Just as the Eiffel Tower can be spotted from most areas in Paris, the St. Simon’s Island lighthouse can be seen almost anywhere on the island. Its white body towers over everything and my family and I have walked up and down its spiral staircase many times. It’s rumored that the lighthouse is haunted by the original lighthouse keeper who worked there, and I actually believe it because of an experience that happened to me. On one visit to the lighthouse my family and I had just finished walking up its 129 steps, when I realized I needed to use the bathroom. The only bathroom was at the bottom, and my parents wouldn’t come with me because we had just walked up the entire staircase. I was walking down the staircase by myself when I heard a voice whispering around me. It freaked me out, so I sprinted down the stairs as fast as I could and I had to wait at the bottom for my parents to come down because I refused to walk those stairs alone again. Despite that creepy experience, I still love the lighthouse and all of the island. My grandparents have since moved from the island, so my parents and I don’t get to go as often, but we’ve still made a few trips there on our own. We actually have a trip planned to return this summer, and I can’t wait to go back to one of my favorite places.