My Favorite Word

Sep 22, 2015

I feel that no matter what the circumstances, if you have confidence in yourself, you can get anything done. For me, confidence depends a lot on my appearance and physical health. I find that if I wake up early and take the time to look nice, then I feel more confident all day long about being productive and achieving my goals. I depend on confidence to help me with a lot of things such as, speaking up as I tend to be pretty quiet and introverted and also to push myself when I believe I can’t do something.

One major place where confidence plays a role in my life is in the gym. Before I even walk in the doors I have to tell myself that I can do anything if I set my mind to it. If I’m having a bad day, usually full of self doubt, and I go to the gym telling myself that I can’t do a certain workout then I definitely won’t be able to. Also, if I feel confident, I can focus more on being successful instead of being distracted by what other people are doing.

Confidence is the key for being able to reach your goals and even make them in the first place. I think confidence should be something that you can’t let others take away from you. One of my goals in the near future is to get accepted to and choose a college that I can really see myself going to. I need to believe in myself, work hard , and stay focused in order to get to where I want to be.

Within the word confidence, is the word confide. If you are truthful to yourself about who you are, then you can be confident instead of trying to be someone or something else. Having this in your life is a huge accomplishment and will lead you on your journey to success.


Confidence is important.

Submitted by GraceChin on Wed, 2015-09-23 13:08.

I really enjoyed reading your post. I totally agree with you that confidence is a key element to build up accomplishments. Similar to you going to gym, confidence depends the sound of my violin whether it sounds fully or weakly. Also, I want to say that everyone is beautiful as they are regardless of your appearance, voice, or interest. so don't worry about your physica appearance because people love the inside of you, not the outside part of you. Nice post!