My Favorite Word

Sep 22, 2015

My favorite word is Forte. It means a thing at which someone excels. It is originated from the french language. It also means the strong part of a sword blade. A good example is, “ Running is my forte, but writing isn’t”. The word forte also has a “fort” in it ,which also implies a sense of strength since a fort is generally strong. I like this word because it sounds different and has a deep meaning to it. It is important to recognize what one’s forte is. Everyone is gifted with talent in some field or the other. One must expose himself to various challenges and situations to reveal it. One shouldn’t simply choose a career just because it is well paying, or recommended by friends and family. It is important to take up a career that aligns with one’s forte and interest. One’s forte determines whether or not they will succeed in their field of work. Working in a field that is incompatible to a person’s skill set is unproductive. My forte is computer science and business therefore, I will most likely choose a college major and consequently, a career that goes along with it. I also explore other activities that interest me and strengthen my forte.


Another one of your forte's

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Submitted by lovebugleen on Mon, 2015-12-14 13:09.

Another one of your forte's would also be coherent writing! :) I liked your input and found it refreshing, as opposed to someone saying their favorite word is "pizza." Nice job, Rohith.