My First Electronic Game

Nov 16, 2011

Scratch Project Pong

Scratch Project level 1

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Scratch Project level 2

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Video Tutorial was found at

The game pong was the game I created. This was a game that is well known and is played often. The way I created this game was by watching video tutorials. It showed step by step instructions on how to make it. It was a video clip showing it and you had to follow what it said. To me, it seemed really easy this way since everything was right in front of me and I just needed to write it down. Doing this was hard in hte beginning. Having to get the exact blocks and writing the correct scripts. That was the annoying part but after that, it was pretty simple.

I made the animation by following what the video tutorial was showing. First I created 2 sprites which were the basketball and the paddle. Then I made scripts for both ones to make it so that it seems like a real game. The easy part was making the instructions but the hard part was putting it together. I had all the parts inside my script box and then slowly I started putting them together. Everything worked out perfectly except I was missing how to make the ball move in all directions. It was just moving in one. I then decided to make another scripts which allowed that. After I made that, it seemed like a real animation.

In the game I created, I added some changes to it. For example, before I just had a plain white background. In this level, I made the background a creepy place. I thought that this theme was a good idea so I did that to all my sprites. I tried to make them all look creepy in some way so they blend in with the scenery. I also added a new sprite which was a baseball. Now there was 2 balls that you had to paly with so it made the game more challenging.