MY first time entering the spelling bee

May 20, 2016
by: edukuray

My first time entering the spelling bee
MRS relander; GOOD morning class
STUDENTS; good morning mr realande
MR relander; i’ve got great news class on MAY 20 2008 we will have our annual spelling bee
STUDENTS; wow , cool awesome
MR realander; settle down kids i known you all want to participate but you’ll have to earn it
ME; how
MR realander: simple all you have to do is do a little spelling test the last three standing will advance on to the finals with other contenders at the bee
ME: sounds interesting
MRS morris: okay ebrahim if you really want to win the spelling bee you have to practice hard .
The next day
MR REALANDER: okay class it’s time for our qualification match EBRAHIM you are up spell amazing
ME; AMAZING amazing
MR; realander good job Ebrahim
1 hour later
MR realander: congratulations EBRAHIM DOMONIQUE JASON
MR REALANDER: you have won the qualification match which means now you will compete in the annual spelling bee
ME the spelling bee was amazing i may not have been first place but at least i was second place but hey that was okay for me.