My friend who left

Jan 20, 2011
by: jlima

I've noticed that time goes by quick. I noticed this the day I went to my friend, Marvin’s house. I wanted to go because I wasn’t doing anything else in my house. so I changed and went. when I got their I told Marvin if I can stay and chill for awhile because I was bored in my house. Marvin said yeah. Has soon as I came in I looked into the fridge, because his mom’s cooking is awesome. I took some meat and beans. while I was eating I looked around my friends and how time just flies. his mom babysit me when I was a little kid in this very house, now me and Marvin are basically young adults. when I went to his room to play video games I just looked at at the pictures he had when we were little kids. I’ve been through a lot with him. he was more than friend to me, he was a brother.

I couldn’t help but notice the clock he has in his room, he had that clock since we were little kids. times has gone by faster than a blink of an eye. soon we will go to college and get  married and have kids and all that good stuff. thinking about this I laughed because I could imagine us married and having our job, all mature. I can’t imagine us being matured because of things we use to do together. I looked at the toys we use to play with, now its all dusty from not using them and playing with them. we’ve  grown out of them like growing out of jeans. I saw the toy guitars and remembered the time we use to pretend we were rock stars. we would put on a song and pretend to play it. its funny how now he plays the guitar and sings and I play the drums and we started a 2 piece band. I also remember when we did something bad, Marvin’s mom use to punish by reading, washing dishes and the worst one, cleaning walls. I hated cleaning the walls. she would purposely dirty the walls just for us. so when ever we wanted to something bad we would do it somewhere concealing or secretly.

One day we were going to the deli to buy something to drink. he told me he was moving to Houston, Texas. I was in shock and kind of upset. I asked him why. he told me his dad got a new job out there so he had to move. I couldn’t believe he was moving after all these years. I was very sad about this because once he moves who will hang out with. he was the only person and the only true friend I had. I wanted to be mad him but I knew it wasn’t his fault. through all that time I was thinking about that old clock that Marvin had hanging in his room. I was just think how much time we spent together and those times passed by really fast. now in the final moment. sometimes I wish time machines exist go back to the times when everything was so easy and plain simple.

When the day came of his moving, I was in his house helping him pack. it really pained me to pack all our childhood things because in know it will be far away, and my memories will be far away as well.  but I guess it was time for everything to move forward and to its future. Marvin and I were talking about all the things we use to do together for one last time. I promised to visit him one summer and hope to see him soon. as I saw him leave to his plane flight, all I can think about was that old clock hanging in his new room in his new house.