My Grandma


I wonder if we live in our grandparents' America

Submitted by avillanueva on Tue, 2016-05-31 15:25.

Dear Faith:

I am happy with your post “My Grandma” because I was wondering how people felt when they entered this country.

One sentence that stands out to me was: “Why was she scared America is a good place?” I think this is interesting because America is a good place.

Another sentence I liked was: “She wanted more possibilities.” This stood out to me because my parents wanted more possibilities too.

I don’t agree with you when you said that America is not a good place because there's a lot of killing and drugs.

Thanks for your video. I look forward to seeing what you do next.


Submitted by tmyrick on Wed, 2016-06-01 09:14.

Dear Faith:

I am inspired by your video, "My Grandma," because, I think that she went through a big journey coming and being in America.

One question you asked that stands out for me is ‘’How did grandma feel about coming to America?" This stands out for me because she had to leave her mother behind and left to live with us. Also, it was very hard for her to learn a new language and find out how she will start a new life.

Another question you asked was: "What job did she have?" In my opinion, I think that working at a factory must have really been hard for her. My question is: How long has she been in America now? Will she go back to D.R.?

Your video reminds me of another video I have seen about a girl’s mother who has been deported back to Mexico, and she was left all alone. I think it’s sad because when a family member is being deported the whole family is torn apart.

Thanks for your video, I look forward to reading more, to seeing what you write next because this is interesting to me.

This reminds me of my relatives struggles

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Submitted by odukuray on Wed, 2016-06-01 13:01.

Dear Faith:

I am happy with your video “My Grandma” because you explained very well on the difficulties on how it is to acquire a visa to the United States Of America. Also on how your grandmother managed to come here and left everything behind was a very touching story.

One thing you said you wrote that stands out to me was that when you said you grandmother had to leave everything behind and come to america to get an opportunity.I think it’s very touching because imagine leaving your family behind with no green card and never knowing when you will come back is very difficult.

Another part that I liked about your video is that you explained the processes on how you get the visa to come to america and the time that it will take to confirm.This stood out to me because a lot of my relatives are trying to come to America but to get the visa is tough.

Your video reminds me of how my relatives use to struggle to get a visa to European and American countries.One time my uncle tried looking for a visa, but he got rejected. It’s tough to get visas, I felt very sorry for him. Thanks for your video,I look forward to to seeing what you do next,because your work was well done and interesting and you brought a lot of interesting facts.


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Submitted by edukuray on Wed, 2016-06-01 12:54.

Dear Faith:
Your story was very amazing! It reminds me of the migrant crisis.

Your interview was all facts. Most immigrants get scared when they first come to a place they never came to.

Even some of my relatives, when they come to America, they don’t feel happy or themselves.

The Struggles of making a new life

Submitted by justinrodriguez on Fri, 2016-06-03 14:53.

Dear Faith:

I am anxious about your video ‘’My Grandma’’ because I am from the Dominican Republic and I moved to America when I was eleven so I know how it feels to come to a new place.

One thing you said that stands out to me is “ when you move to a new country you only heard about,it can seem like a dream.” I think this is because I know exactly how that feels. It is like you are starting a brand new life. You can feel happy and worried at the same time.

Another thing you said that I remembered was “she felt scared because she was leaving her family behind”. I think this amazed me because I have family from Dominican republic so I know how it feels to leave the ones you love.

Your video reminds me when I was in Dominican Republic and my father wanted to move to America for a better life. It was hard to leave my family and all my stuff behind.

new life

Submitted by avillanueva on Fri, 2016-06-03 15:13.

Dear Faith:

I am sad about your video because it's very hard dealing with not living with your family. With not feeling how u would like to feel with your family . with having to do different things because of things you going through. One thing you said that stand out for me “she had to leave her mother behind” i think this is hard because i can never be somewhere without my family or mother to be there always by me and to make sure i'm fine and safe. Another thing you said that i remember was “its very hard to maneuver yourself into a lifestyle you never seen or experienced before”. This stood out to me because i can imagine how scared she was to go to a place she's doesn't know anything about and make a new life. Your video reminds me of something that happened to me. One time i came to a new school i didn't know what to expect just how your grandmother felt i didn't know anybody. I was kinda shy. Until i got to know people.
THANKS FOR YOUR VIDEO. I look forward to seeing what you write next because it's very entertaining to see how she likes it or if she doesn't.

New places

Submitted by parchibald on Fri, 2016-06-03 15:15.

Dear faith,

I am pleased with your video project “My Grandma” because you talked about how your grandmother felt about coming to America.You explained how it was for her to start fresh.The question you asked was high quilty and easy to understand.

One part of the video that I liked was when you and your mother was able to tell us about your grandmother like how your mother said “it was hard for her because she left her home country” i think this is important because that means she left important things behind.I believe that your grandma is brave to leave her home town but why did she leave?

Another part of the video i like is how you was asking your mother serious questions about why she left and what she was thinking.I also like how your mother was a confident and brave about something a little personal.

Your video project reminds me of something that happened to me.One time I was moving to flordia to live there for a while but i was nervous because i’ve never been there before.So when I arrived there i was a little nervous but after a while it was cool thats when i meet new people and that is somethig i will never forget.

Thanks you for sharing your video project I look forward to seeing what you show me next,because the video My Grandma was really good.I would like to do a video like yours one day and i hope you would watch it.This video you showed me was beautiful and i hope everyone likes it.


Submitted by jhostos on Tue, 2016-06-07 15:08.

Dear Faith

I am excited about your post “My Grandma” because you have some traits from your grandma and you put a lot of details when you and your family was talking.And good post on with your family involed with your work.
One sentences that stands out for me is when your grandma was scared to move to New York,because she didn't want to leave her family.Your grandma was a sweet grandma.And I think that your grandma should bring your family to New York as a trip.
Another sentences that I liked is when she was praying and when she was talking to God for help.This stood out for me because she was praying for help when she was in trouble also when her grandma was in trouble.
Your post reminds me of something that happened to me when I got stuck in the elevator because I was scared.

Its Life

Submitted by atouray on Thu, 2016-06-16 09:44.

Dear Faith Castaneda:

I feel interested in your video “My Grandma” because I think it sets an example for some of the kids at our school who have grandparents who had to leave from where they were to start a new life in America.

One thing you said that stands out to me is: “She felt guilty about leaving her mom behind.” I think that was sad to me because I couldn’t imagine leaving my parents behind.

Another part of the video that caught my attention is when you said: “On my grandma’s first day of work she was scared because right after work she got lost because she didn't know where she lived.” I think this is related to my mom because when she first came to America to from africa she got lost too.

Thanks for your video. I look forward to seeing another video you might make next time because your video was very interesting.