My interview with Kyana

Dec 17, 2015
by: jhostos


Why do crime go around the world?
Why crime is very bad in the world?
When is the crime going to stop?
How can we stop the crime that is going on?
Is the crime going to keep on in the world?
Why do people get kill in the world?
Is the future going to be still going around places?
Do people get killed?
Why do kids do crime?
Why did crime start?
Why do people get shoot?
How many kids died from crime?
Why do people think crime is good?
Why do people want to died?
Why do people get killed because of their mouth?
Why crime is bad?
Why do people go to jail for doing crime?
What make the people kill people?


This is not a bad start for

Submitted by DMusci33 on Fri, 2016-01-29 15:26.

This is not a bad start for your first interview, however i have some remarks. Try to keep the camera in one place, not panning from interviewer to interviewee. Also if someone laughs during the question you can always repeat the question and cut the video to your liking later.