My Memories Of Seventh Grade

Jun 22, 2011
by: 16krevoyb


My seventh grade school year at BSGE was a very eventful year full of many positive and negative experiences, and I feel all these experiences helped me in preparing for the eighth grade. All the experiences I went through are both related to social and academic aspects of a school environment. Although some of thee experiences were bad, I feel they all changed me for the better. If I had to classify my seventh grade year as good or bad I would infact choose good. Even though we had to do lots of work I still enjoyed the school year.

         One positive experience that I experienced in the seventh grade took place in science. Every year the science teacher, Mr.L, holds a competition. The competition states that the class that gets the highest average test score, does not take the final exam. He explained the final exam as extremely difficult. All year  my class and I studied hard in order to get grades, allowing not to take the final exam. Then during one of the last couple of weeks in science Mr.L announced that we had one. The whole class, including me was happy and relieved. Another posotive experience that occured in my seventh grade year is that we went on a great field trip to the mueseam of moving images. The mueseum of moving images is a mueseam related to pictures, gaming and movies. We we got there we saw many different things we have never seen before and we had great fun.

         One negative experienced that occured in the seventh grade is that at the end of the year my advisory teacher, Ms.Nikkolos, had to leave for Indiana due to the death of a family memeber. The whole dvisory including me was very sad and we all miss her. Another negative experienced that occured is when gym cut cut short due to an injury of our gym teacher. The whole class was sad because we could not play football anymore. 

         Overall seventh grade was a good year!