My memory of Hong Kong ^_^

Oct 22, 2008
by: XLiu
                      Memories can not be choose to be remember or not, ones that became memories might be important to you, or maybe just memories that stay in your head for no reason. Whether the memories are important or not, they make their way to my head,and I'm not letting go of them.I may think it's meaningless , but since I remember it, I believe it might mean something to the inside of my heart.

                      After the long term of thinking I had,  I believe, the memories of Hong Kong might after all means something to me. Maybe that year in Hong Kong was when I first learn to fear of parting with my mother, of darkness, of mother's health,and the fear of loneliness. A lot of emotion came through my head as I thought of it, when I had my first fight with my friend, how I always argued with my cousin(really!it was his fault!), the fear that tangled my body when mom was sent to the hospital, and all the hard time I been through. Of course I couldn't forget about what happened even if I want to, it became my memory, instead of fearing them I rather value them. Things always have two sides, there were the awful memories, and there was also the happy times, those times that I didn't value as a kid.        

                    There’s many times when I could picture myself in the airport, how the airport lights were too bright. I been to the airport many times, it was a place that I hate, it means leaving different member of my family in Hong Kong, China, or US. There was this memory of me wearing this red hat, matching red shirt, and matching black and white dot skirt, sitting in the boat heading to the zoo. Somewhat in the middle of the ride, I felt dizzy, and I threw up (details are not needed). At the zoo, I bought some grass (vegetable?) to feed goats( or sheep), one of this hungry lamb came out of nowhere trying to pull the vegetable away from me. I laughed, the lamb was so cute, I bang down and fed it, it start biting my skirt when I ran out of grass…….and mom took a picture of that.  I went to a sea animal (fishes) theme park some other day, it was a famous theme park in Hong Kong, and my mom was just nonstop introducing it like she owns it. It was amazing to see shark try to swim right into my face, but bumped its nose (or mouth?) into the glass.  I then went to see butterfly samples, it was so pretty with different colors and different patterns. Those beautiful butterflies were all once mushy bugs (that’s what I call it when I was a kid), it made me wonder if I would one day get rid of my mushy skin and become a butterfly.

                    I shouldn't had fear parting, it is for the join of being together again that we went apart. The parting made me grow slowly, so that I would see the gentle smile on your face the next time I sees you. May the young lamb be love by it's mother.  

                    It was tough going to school in Hong Kong, there were tons of rules.  You could get into trouble so easily, for example, one word out of your mouth while the teacher’s talking, and out the class you go. After an hour of blah blah blahing, you’re free, that’s only if you’re lucky.  To make up for that, the schools had a lot of trips going on, my cousin’s planner was full of trip planning.  One of those trips I remember I went on was the trip to the dentist building (it was a building with so many many dentist) for check up, it’s more like forcing, everyone had to go. How it hurted! The teeth they pull off from me, it wasn’t an option. Uniforms were more Japanese like style, but hair up to the neck was also the rule, so every girl had mushroom haircut in the school. No earring, make up or colored hair in school, every school. Talk about home works, I was in first grade, and they gave me more homework than the home works I get now. I’m glad it’s all over now, it was one crazy year, the next year I went to china which was even crazier.

                   Tough work are training that get me prepare for the tougher times in the later life, it is to make sure I won't give up upon myself. Most of aunts and uncles blame my mom for giving me such a tough life ( moving from countries to countries), I'm glad that they care for me, but , I don't blame my mom. I thank mom, she gave me the chance to get to know other langauges.
                   Other than the scary time I had at the school in Hong Kong, there were some fun times as well. My mom always told “There is one thing Hong Kong is famous for, and it is shopping. Hong Kong is an international trading center, you can get stuffs all over the world from here.” And she was right, fur coats from Paris, anime cosplay from Japan, eye shadow from Spain, perfume from Italy, etcs….for low price. Every weekend, mom dragged me to shop with my aunts. I love shopping now, but as a 7 year old, I was always clueless and bored. As a kid the only thing I enjoyed shopping for was toys, which doesn’t happen a lot (because my mom is cheap! Still is !) . The year went by very fast , and somehow I did enjoy shopping ( or more like walking around) with my mom, I kind of miss it , now that my family doesn’t gather, and shop anymore.

                     When you are complaining about the time you have right now, why don't you try to value it? So that maybe later in the years when you look back, you wouldn't regret what you had done. I regret not valuing the time with my family, it's all broken up now, maybe if I did pay more attention....I would be able to prevent it from happening. May I wish you the best.