Oct 2, 2014
by: Sami2016

Samantha, I know what you’re thinking, how original right? I feel the same way, I would have preferred my parents to name me something charming like Imogen or Violet because I think those names are unique and have a lovely ring to them. Samantha is utterly boring. I suppose there are some good things, I can be called “Sami” or “Sam” by those who I am close to and “Samantha” when I decide to take something seriously. However, looking at its name etymology, I do see why I was meant to have this name. The name Samantha comes from the male Hebrew name Samuel which often means “name of god” and the “antha” is Greek meaning flower. Of course I was destined to have this name which I guess you could translate into “Flower God”. I consider myself to be very in touch with nature and me being called a “god” is clearly not an understatement. While at times I may be inclined towards having a different name, I like my name in a lot of ways and am content with keeping it the same.