Oct 3, 2014
by: AdamS16

My name means mankind. With my middle name; mankind savior. I didn't get my name from anyone in my family, it was the first name in the book, or the first one that my mom read out loud to my dad, he said, “That’s good.” So, I am Adam. My middle name comes from my grandfather, Bill, or William. I wish I could be more like him; a smart, innovative man. He has sailed the seas like an olden-days sailor, and he has helped invent many items.
I wonder if I will be the savior of mankind. I've always been a high achiever. I wonder if I will live up to my name, I wonder if I will save mankind. I wonder what I will accomplish. Maybe, I won’t accomplish anything. Maybe, I will help people with their problems on a small scale. Maybe, I will help entire countries with poverty. Who knows?
My name has greatly affected who I am, because I want to live up to it and it has motivated me to become great, but it isn't just my name that motivates me. Being determined is just part of my personality, and I’m driven to become the best, and my name is part of that motivation.


Adam, I love your post. It is

Submitted by MJames on Sat, 2015-01-10 15:34.

Adam, I love your post. It is great. I enjoy knowing about you and your grandfather. Good job being specific on what your name means. I love how you describe your grandfather, who is a smart, innovative man. Your writing is good. Keep up with the great work.