My Name

Oct 19, 2015
by: Bryan L.

My name is Bryan. It has been ever since I was born. But what does it mean?, and why is it my name? According to Wikipedia, my name is derived from the Old Celtic word meaning “high” or “noble”. However, according to my father, my name means intelligent, kind, and brave. My father says that when I was born, my parents hadn’t come up with a name yet. They chose “Brian”, because they wanted me to be intelligent, kind, and brave, which is what “Brian” means in the “Big Book of Baby Names” they had in the delivery room. However, they decided to use the less commonly used spelling, “Bryan”, because it had an “y” instead of an “i”. My father told me that he and my mother didn’t like the “i version” because it was more self centered. Instead they wanted me to be more giving and humble, and because both of my parents started with a “y”, so the “y version” was chosen. Since my name is the less common version of “Brian”, many people misspell my name. I’m not too bothered by that though. I quite like my name, it makes me who I am today.