Named after my father

Jul 7, 2015
by: RMorales

My name is Ronny Morales.My dad gave me my name before I was born.In Spanish it means a lot of things.In English not that much.I also had friends named Ronny like me.My father gave me my name like I said above.He was born in D.R like me.He then came over here to New York. Then.Then worked in a construction site.He worked with my uncle.

But it wasn't until my uncle fell down and hurt his back.He needed surgery.My dad needed him.My uncle was on the hospital for few weeks but he then got surgery and got better and came to live home.In that time i was in New York. With my dad living with my uncle.But my uncle wasn't like he was before he was worst he couldn't even walked he needed to stay on a sit all day.But he then got better and better.

Like I was saying I had a friend named Ronny Rocha.But he then left school.He didn't actually left he got kicked out because he was too old.He was sent to another special school for his age.I also had friends name with my same name at my old school but that was a long time ago.I still know people with the same name like me.Like were I play baseball there's a kid name Ronny.

When I was little I always wanted to change my name to something better.Like Alex something like that.But now that im bigger I feel like changing your name is a big disrespect to your family because you are chaging it taking it away from them.So never change your name.



Submitted by lashanna on Wed, 2015-07-22 10:02.

I love your poem, I found some minor errors that could've easily been a mistake that you couldn't see. However, great job - awesome name