My Nick and My Real Name

Jul 6, 2015
by: rwynn

My name is Raleek. I hate my name, because people make it sound like a British name.

I tell everybody to call me Rah or Rahh Rahh. I tell them, "Don't call me Raleek because people make it sound British and I'm not British!"

When I was five years-old, I told my mom and my dad, I wanted my first name to be Andre and last name to be Solomon.

When I was getting older, I kept on asking them to change my name, but they were like, "This is too much!" They got mad.

Also, I never wanted to go to school because they kept on calling by my last name. For example, "The boy Wynn always wins!"

I knew they were going to say that, but I just thought, "If they say that, I'll just keep my comments to myself."

When I started getting even older, I moved and went to a different school. I got used to people by calling me my government name. It was a big issue, but sometimes I told them to call me Rah or Rahh Rahh.

They listened, but I thought, "If they would call me my full government, it would be cool because if I get somewhere in life, they are going to have to call me by my full government name."