My Own Name

Oct 15, 2015

How I got my name is when my parents decided to know what names best describes me after I was born. It didn't took long as much as the other people who were also pregnant. That's when they put my name into place and it was Jose Alexis Vasquez Hernandez. The reason why I have two last names was because my parents were in a relationship back when I was born. In other words they were still a couple or a thing together. Also in our Mexican culture when a child was once born they have to have four names the first name middle name and your two last names from the mom and dad to make a official. It also helps who the person who it really is or what the person name looks like. The middle name is sort of odd but it'll have to do because my parents had to rush things on how get the finishing touches. My parents used to say that Jose was a common Mexican name back in my country and it still is the common name right now, and it's also a Hebrew and Aramaic for Yosef or Joseph. Joseph is the American word for Jose the difference is that it's spelling and pronunciation. My parents also told me that my names fits me who I really am and the reason why was because I could be more likely an extrovert person, and that I'm that caring one who cares mostly about everything. In my own words I say it's an amazing name and I love it. The one issue about my name is that there could be more than one me or my first name so through time to time when my parents invited well a guess or a family member that there first name is Jose and like I said there's going to be more than one me or one name of mine so that's why I go to my room so I don't confused which person my parents or my siblings are talking to who. This likely happened when I was 10 when one of my dad's friends showed up this one time and his first name was Jose and trust me it took me forever to understand the concept that there was more than just me and my name. So basically I love my name as long as my name is not the opposite of unique, I'm happy to be called Jose.