Racism is not worth dying for

Apr 11, 2016
by: aruiz

Racism has been going on for so many years but still continues but in different ways. It’s not even the color of your skin or how you look. Racism even happens because of your culture. We have been dealing with this ever since the 9/11 attack in New York City when two planes crashed right into both of the Twin Towers, making them fall to the ground killing a lot of people on that day. After all of that, now people look at Muslims like if they're doing something suspicious or if they have a bomb or something. But not all Muslims are bad they're really good people. But now in many articles, Donald Trump says that he wants to put cameras in areas where Muslims hang out invading their personal space.

It’s not just Muslims dealing with this. It’s Mexican’s too. Mexican’s have been harassed by Donald Trump because he wants to send illegal refugees back to Mexico, not giving them a chance to be Americans, and also, Trump wants to build a big wall around Mexico. That way nobody can get out. And I feel that he wants to do this just because there are rumors that Mexico is a drug land with all types of drugs and drug cartels. But not all Mexican people are like that. They're good people trying to become American's so that’s why they come to America as immigrants. So I think Donald Trump is taking this stereotype too seriously.

But Mexicans and Muslims are not the only ones dealing with racism. It’s also really mainly Black people that have to deal with it. Racism for Black people has been going on for centuries with all the stereotypes and everyone saying Black people do this and that, and it’s a real problem. Racism even comes from the cops, the people that are supposed to protect and serve but are now killing Black people and are not going jail for it but making excuses and saying that they thought they had a gun or the bruises and marks are from the police car and walking clean like if they didn't do anything wrong, and it's not right.

In my conclusion, I think Racism and stereotypes are bad and need to stop or change because nobody needs to be criticized or die from it.


Great Job!

Submitted by lancegui on Mon, 2016-04-11 16:14.

It shows a great argument. But the reason of the racism is not well explained. Racism is a bigger problem, which has been there in human history: us vs. them. We need to keep find a better to dissolve this issue without creating "us vs. them".

You chose a really important

Submitted by milasherman on Mon, 2016-04-11 16:47.

You chose a really important and relevant topic pertaining to current issues, and I think you did an excellent job addressing various sides of the issue. Racism is present, both blatantly and subtly, in so many different systems and towards so many different races and cultures, and it's important to address that. You definitely did. The current election is a shame and Donald Trump is damaging this country by enforcing these cruel stereotypes. I very much agree with you in that we need to eradicate these stereotypes and have respect for all people and their differences.