My Rad Ring

Jan 28, 2014
by: TMoore14

Dear Megan,

Every morning when I get up, the first thing I do is put on my class ring. It’s still as shining and beautiful as the day I got it, bright and lovely and darling (just like you since the day we met). It has the year we graduate (this year) on one side and a four-leaf clover below it. I chose the four-leaf clover to represent my Irish blood, something I’m very proud of. On the other side rests my name and a theater mask and a music note and a paint brush. I may not be the best actor or musician or artist but I deeply appreciate music and art and I do very much enjoy acting. You’re an amazing artist love, and every painting and drawing is just as flawless and awesome as the last one. It reminds me of you and us in that sense, how we’re both artists but use different brushes. And the stone, that green emerald that reminds me of the deep shades of plants and life and happiness. People always say green in reference to money or envy, but I believe green is the color of life and joy, in tandem with blue (both of our favorite colors, what a coincidence eh?). It’s carved with such delicacy and accuracy it amazes me every time I just stare at it and ponder how one could be so crafty. Wrapped around the base of it is the name of our school and mascot, ‘Windsor Wizards’. I’m not sure if I’m proud to be a wizard, but I’m definitely glad I am one. It gave me the chance to meet you and let us be in a happy relationship that has been some of the best times of my life!

I suppose my class ring is heavy for a ring. But its symbolic weight is heavy, it represents so very very much. It represents our love, my struggle through high school and how I’m winning. It represents me in such a tiny object with my name and favorite color and a symbol of my ancestry and something I’m passionate about on the side. It represents you with the reminder that you bought it for me and knew how happy it would make me. You know me and that’s what this ring represents, how amazing and darling you are and how strong I've become and how great things are for us. This weight feels like tons and tons, but it’s not crushing. If anything, its tons and tons of force pushing me up, lifting me away from the Earth and off into the majesty and wonder of space!

I put this ring on every morning because it gives me strength when I’m alone or sad or anything. It reminds me that you love me and that I love myself and everything is okay. I get very upset when I forget it now because it’s come to mean so very much to me. It just makes me day better knowing it rests on my finger and it tells me all the time that you’re always right there next to me and comforting me.

So thank you for this ring my love, because it’s worth more to me than any price of money or items or anything. It might weigh but a few ounces, but in my heart and soul it weighs as much as a mighty airplane soaring through the sky and cutting through the cold biting air of the high atmosphere. You've been so good and generous to me angel, and I won’t ever forget your kind soul (of course, how could I?)