My Reflection of Evoke: Weeks 4-7

Apr 22, 2010
by: JRamirez
Career goals

 I'm an agent on Evoke, and my work on Evoke over the past four weeks (weeks 4-7) has been much fun because the missions and quests of the game have been very engaging and interesting to complete.

I have been enjoying the graphic story these last four weeks, because the stories include ways the agents help cities with their crisis/natural disaster. Despite the prompt it follows, it does tell the story realistically and cool so it doesn't sound corny.

Episode 4 dealt with a water crisis and how the team created a machine to clean the dirty water in order to prevent citizens from London from getting very sick from drinking the contaminated river water. They succeed but with Citizen X spying and being very slick. I like how Citizen X was able to trick the Evoke members and publish his story for the world. I'm curious to see how Alchemy will react in the next issue since the whole point of his organization is to not let the team be discovered. But given in the end of the comic Citizen X did not publish any names or specific information... "just enough to say that Citizen X was here first." 

Episode 5 was interesting because there was a lot of "emotion" in it. Despite the criteria it has to follow, meaning that if one episode is about a water crisis then the whole theme of the comic will be about some kind of water crisis the urgent members have to fix. Episode 5 was about financial issues and the urgent evoke members where in Havana, Cuba ready to solve their problem by replacing the currency with a back up for temporary use. It was really smart. Now going back to the whole emotion thing I was talking about, there was a part where one of the members was talking to her husband via video message and how she misses her daughter and him and he was telling her how he wishes she was back home and how the family and friends are talking about the relationship since she is always gone doing evoke. Plus Eureka, another member wishes she had a partner to tell her stories and achievements with. I liked how they ended the comic with a scene of each member going back home and going to their rooms, including Alchemy. Then Citizen X, (I believe Eureka's secret lover so it seems) starts to chat with her and he gets more info on what happen in Havana.

Episode 6 is all about woman rights and setting equality for women so that they have the same opportunities as men do in this world.A woman named Sareh was kidnapped buy this Taliban regime in order to influence this custom order of having women kept at home. 

The Evoke team goes in to influence many people in the country that this is wrong and that woman are smart and strong to take place in the working fields. The country is convinced and success occurs. ALchemy was able to track down where the online kidnapping broadcasting is occurring whenever Sareh is forced to say things and these soldiers saved her and arrested the kidnappers. Then MORE drama occurs. Eureka asks Cipher (Citizen X) to help her with this mission in finding info and Cipher asks his team for info. Eventually one of the other Evoke members realize that Cipher works for CItizen X and Eureka gets mad at him and couldn't believe that this is true. Cipher feels like crap and realizes he did something wrong.

In Episode 7,The city of Los Angeles, California I believe went on fire and there was a lot of smoke and about 300,000 people were left homeless.The Evoke team were informed by Alchemy about the situation and they went in to help. They helped the people rebuild the city and start from new. They built new houses and clean effecient ways to keep the air clean to prevent a wildfire to occur again. IT kind of looked like as if African villages were in hollywood. I also liked how they turned the trashed and destryoed Hollywood Sign and made it into EVOKE. I thought that was pretty cool.

My best quest over the past four weeks was the fourth one. This quest really got me thinking a lot on how we can use modern day technology to motivate young adults to help and support causes. I thought this quest was great because I discovered things that I did not know were happening to help the world. I wrote that I would love to perhaps one day learn how to create video games and work with the Sony PlayStation consoles in the future. I own a PlayStation 3 and I already have installed a program that contributes energy to help power up important things whenever you turn on your PS3. However i have found a link that allows you to help find the cure for cancer whenever you use the PS3. Click here for more information. With more PS3's sold who knows what great energy we can send to help find a cure somehow.

My best mission in the past four weeks was Mission 5, URGENT EVOKE: "The Future Of Money" which was about creating a new type of currency to help the world. The world's GDP is more than $70 trillion US and yet, 3 billion people currently live on less than $2 a day. Our global economic system leaves half the world's population dangerously undeserved. Helping invent the future of money was the main task to help improve this dilemma.

The "learn" part of this mission was to find a current solution being developed that I thought was the best way to help change the way we use money in the future. As you can see in my blog post for this part of the mission, I learned that a digital currency is in development and it can be used globally and of course converted to paper money if need be. The idea of a digital currency is cool because it gets rid of the whole idea of have conversion issues and how each piece of currency is worth in different countries. Digital is the way to go!

The “act” part was to talk about an experience of using money in a different country and use the currency convertor and what that is like. Again, please take a look at my blog post. For this challenge I discussed how i hardly use the system except for whenever I go out of the country which is rare. I write about what the process is like and how I don't like the high service fee certain places have.

For “imagine” we  to make up a story bringing in breaking news about a new bank opening and what they're new policy is and what makes this bank so interesting. Now take a look at my story for this task. What I like most about what I put up was that I am able to go beyond my imagination to create a story that fits myself so I can share with the world. Following the task I tried something different. I added my own comical twist to it and didn't make it exactly accurate. But hey, its an "imagine" piece so why not have some fun. When I wrote that the living and the living dead live in harmony, this made me think about what would really happen if humans and zombies did live together along with using brains for their going rates.


In addition to putting work up on evoke, I have also been commenting on other agent's posts. Here are five examples of my comments.


  •  On this blog post I commented, I was overwhelmed by the ideas this agent had for sustainable energy through his "Imagine" post.


  •  This blog post that I commented on twice was really creative because of the hard work this agent put into her idea.


  •  Another writing piece I commented on was commented a invention an agent was working on about water distribution/sustainability.


  • A video that I helped create is on my friend's blog and I commented on a question someone asked. The video is about creating light by using a cellphone battery.


  • This blog post that I commented on is about a different way this agent uses "currency" when it comes to trading and using bartering to exchange goods.