My self

Apr 22, 2016
by: jbernabe

Two things I want to change about my self are getting good grades and change he way I react to statuions . For example if i'm mad at a person I take my anger on everybody.For example I want to stop coming to school late and I want to stop cutting class.
I want to change the way I am because I get mad fast and if i'm mad at a person i take my anger out on everybody.
Something that is difficult for me is trying not to cut class and being in the hallway.I don't really like to be in class,every time I see my friends in the hallway I don't want to be in class, I want to go to the hallway.Something I'm proud of is that I haven't cut class in a while and I haven't tried not to.I am in my class doing my work. Every time my friends come to my class room I don't go to the hallway
The steps i'm taking to not cut class are every time I see my friend Im not going to get out of my class.When class is over I'll go straights to my other class and not talk to nobody.Also do my work in class and not pay mind to nobody.