My Shell

Oct 31, 2012
Ocean Isle Beach, NC, By cgruis8 a Youth Voices pool photographer.

Like a glimmering lake in the sun
it shines so very brightly.
On the outside.
On the inside,
it feels smooth,
But it doesn't shine as brightly,
it may be bright,
on the outside,
but on the inside,



Submitted by Hannah-Tucker on Tue, 2013-01-22 11:22.

Your poem was beautiful! Wow the hidden meanings, I wish I could write poetry like that!

Very beautiful poem. I

Submitted by lprinz on Tue, 2013-01-22 15:12.

Very beautiful poem. I enjoyed reading all of your descriptions. The poem really flowed and was easy to read and listen to. Good job!


18ikamas's picture
Submitted by 18ikamas on Thu, 2013-02-28 09:52.

Dear Hayden:

I am inspired by your poem, "My Shell," because it is a beautiful piece of work. I love the way you write and I enjoy reading your poem.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "Like a glimmering lake in the sun
it shines so very brightly." I think this is interesting because you use sensory imagery to show what the shell would look like.

Another sentence that I loved was: "But it doesn't shine as brightly,it may be bright,on the outside,but on the inside,it seems faded." This stood out for me because it shows how even though someone can look like a star from the outside, the inside may be a different person. A different shell.

Your poem reminds me of something that happened to me. One time I went to the beach and was collecting some shells. I was very little, so I wasn't as observant as of now. Once I brought it home, I realized that I also brought some snails into the home.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because the way your write amazes me and I enjoy reading your good poems.

Best of Luck,