My sum up on my progression

Jun 1, 2012
by: baetir

As a sophomore ending the year, I honestly feel defeated; as if I retrogressed compared to last year. I feel as I did not achieved any of the goals I have set; which was passing all of my classes with outstanding grades and be a better student. Since I did not obtain these goals therefore they’re the same goals that remain on my mind. Although there’s a few other goals I added to the list and it’s at least finishing the school year strong and try to play catch up. I know I messed up and I can’t stay bragging about it so the best thing to do is to try and progress.

My experience in Writing class specifically has been a little bit frustrating and overwhelming. Yeah I had good days, but most of the time I had struggles such as: absences, lateness, and lack of communication with my teacher.The good thing is that at least I’m ending the year on a good note with this class even though I have messed up in the past. Some things that I have learned in this class that I consider valuable is most of the concepts of grammar, and new vocabulary I’ve learned and plan to add to my writing. Also how to work with other, and then again be dependant enough to make my own choices.

The changes I have seen in myself has been frowned upon, because as I mentioned before academically and as a person retrogressed. When it comes to my grades I feel out of shape unlike last year and at the same time I see my colleagues progress and go shine through their grades. I somewhat feel left out as if I don’t belong, but that was until I began taking my classes more seriously like I use to. My colleagues in a way motivated me to push myself and try to improve my self, my grades, me as a person. This has helped me because I began pushing myself beyond my limit and I have achieved good things in return. I believe I’m a slacker, and I hate the fact I notice this and admitting it as well. I feel horrible and disappointed, but no more because i’m trying to change that person who I am for now. This I believe to be true that it’s never too late to progress and to become better, late is better than never.