My theme #2 of buildings and angles

Nov 30, 2009
by: kellyp


I am exploring buildings/landscapes. I am interested in this because I live in a big and beautiful city full of different, unique, and sometimes quirky buildings.



 I took the first photograph, and you can see the tilt of the angle facing down first avenue of New York. I know that it was a foggy/cloudy day, and it had a grayish filter on the picture. My interpretation of this photograph is that since there was a lot of gray color in the picture.


It has been said that one image is worth a thousand words. This could be true about this picture because it can express different emotions in just one picture. It reflects my theme in that it is taken from a strnge angle to show a different emotion and color effect.


One thing that I know about buildings/landscapes is that someone can take pictures of them from completely different angles each time. One thing that I wonder about taking pictures on different angles is that each picture is very different in style and taste. Color scheme also has a big effect on each picture. This makes me think of how unique each picture is to each other.




The second image was created by Anna Correani and I found it at: In this image, I see the bulls eye element of composition, and a different color scheme than mine. I know that this interpretation of the picture is different than mine, because of the different angle she uses and the emotion is different as well. My interpretation of this image is that she tried to have the emotion be a happy one.


The second image relates to my picture because of the sun in the middle of it, and the different color/emotion. As I look at this and other images, my next image will have a different feeling to it and be a different color with a different angle. If I were to look up some information about my theme/topic, I would like to know more about how to correspond the color of a picture to the angle of a picture.


Since you are reading this post, I would like to ask you how can different angles in pictures affect the motion trying to be portrayed in the photograph?