My thoughts on EVOKE!!

Apr 8, 2010
Career goals

A few weeks ago, I became an agent in a global network of social innovators. Urgent EVOKE: A Crash Course in Saving the World opened on March 3, 2010. It’s a social network, a game, a , and a learning experience all in one. It was designed and is directed by Jane McGonigal for the World Bank Institute.


EVOKE has been open for three weeks and already has more than 13.802 members. The game will last 10 weeks, concluding on May, 2010, with a new quest and a new mission unlocked each week. In the first mission agents were asked to write a blog about where they will me in 2020 and we learned about secret social innovation. We also read about heroes around the world.

The first thing I looked at was this 90-second trailer: EVOKE trailer from Alchemy on Vimeo. I thought the trailer was really interesting and intriguing. I though I was watching a action movie trailer. I like the background music after Alchemy talked. I like the trailer.

I like the way the story is presented, because its presented in comic strips and its interesting to read. I don't get bored because there are pictures and its easy to understand whats going on.

In English we are playing this game called Evoke. personally I don't get anything in this game. Its very confusing to me. I read the intro comic thing and it says that I have to help alchemy to make the world a better place to live in. There's a famine in Tokyo and I have to go there as a social innovative or something and help them get better.

We just read the second story of Evoke. Evoke is a game about saving the world from social problems. I don't really get this game but it seems like a good game. Today we read how Alchemy's team finished their job in Tokyo. One thing they did was they planted trees on rooftops which is really cool. And they saved Tokyo from food shortage.

Today I finished the third mission in evoke which was about Motivation. I don't understand the game fully so I don't enjoy it as much. But I think its a good way to let people know how the world needs our help and we should step forward and get involved in these things.

Food Security

Each week, we are suppose to read the story then complete the act learn and imagine. My favorite quest so far was the first, one. This quest was Social Innovation, because it was the introduction and that stated everything. On the surface, this quest was to find learn about world problems.

Each week's mission has three parts learn, act, and imagine, and so far I'm enjoying the learn ones the most because we get to learn about world problems and write what we think about them. My best mission so far has been the second, week, the one about food security.

The "learn" part of this mission was to learn about food security in our community and around the world. As you can see in my blog post for this part of the mission, I learned how innovation is talking place around the world and how technology will help agriculture.

The “act” part was to write about a how we helped our community or how we want to help oour community. Again, please take a look at my blog post. For this challenge I wrote how I want to help my community in the future.

For “imagine” we were asked to write about what I was eating at dinner. Now take a look at my blog post for this task. What I like most about what I put up was I just wrote what I though life would be life. This made me think about how life would be so different

My Thought

When I first started playing Evoke, I thought it was pointless and I didn't get the game a all. Now, I'm wondering how I can help make this world a better place. The most interesting part of the game is the imagine part. That's my favorite part in EVOKE.

Some have even wondered if Evoke is a game. I think its more of an educational website and less of a game. We watched a TED video in which Jane McGonaigal explains these types of games, and I'm thinking now that this is a nice way to get teenagers involved in world problems.

I am looking forward to the next episodes of Evoke, because it's going to teach me something new about what's going on around the world and it will help me become a better person toward my community.