My Thoughts on Romeo and Juliet

Mar 11, 2015
by: sopera18

So far, I am really enjoying "Romeo and Juliet." It’s a lot different then a lot of stories that I have read in the past. It’s something a lot different. I think it’s good to read all genres of books, so that you’re introduced to all different styles of writing. I really enjoy the use of sonnets. Sometimes they're a bit confusing to read, but they really add to the book, and give it that romantic feel that it’s supposed to have. I feel like this book is kind of unrealistic. These days, relationships don’t move that fast, and it reminds me of a fairy tale. However, that’s the way things worked back then. For the rest of the play, I think Romeo and Juliet are going to face a lot of troubles with their family and friends trying to make their relationship work, and getting their families to like each other. I’m not looking forward to the end of this story, because I don’t want it to end in a tragedy.



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Submitted by nishiii on Tue, 2015-04-28 08:28.

I read this book, too! I agree that it was really unrealistic. I started liking the book at first, but ended up not really loving it. It might be different for you, though. I found it too unrealistic but the story IS pretty unique.