my thoughts of the women of Gilgamesh

May 30, 2013
by: Elijah C

In the book gilgamesh by stephen mitchell there are different women who get treated different ways and have different personalities in the story. shamhat is a priestess of the temple. she is the god of sexual desire. in the book it states” she was sent by gilgamesh to have sex with enkidu and there they had sex for seven days.” Ninsun is gilgamesh mother and she is known for being wise everyone looks up towards her because of that. Ishtar is the goddess of love sex and war. she has sex with a man then when she has no more interest with them she kills them.

Women today aren't treated the same as they have before. some women today get treated worse than men which is a form of sexism. some women get treated nice and some don't. sometimes its about of the woman's weight or their appearance. some jobs that women and men have the man gets the better paycheck. these are all signs of sexism.