My Tram Experience

Jan 4, 2012
by: 16yanv

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I created the Scratch animation My Tram Experience as my response to a project to create an interactive ethical story. An ethical story is a story with a lesson in mind. Throughout the story, the ending message should be able to teach a valuable moral. Usually, there comes a fork in the road of the story, where there is a good or bad decision to be made.

My story is about a racist incident that actually occurred in England, where a white woman was making unethical comments on the minority passengers. One black teen who was behind her during the whole ride was about to initiate an assault when the woman said the blacks should go back to ‘Nigafrica,’ and he had to decided between hitting her, which is fighting fire in fire, and the woman had a baby with her, or sitting back down.

My story was inspired by watching a viral video on YouTube, entitled ‘My Tram Experience,’ as well, and it was a real event that I based my game and its decisions on. I wanted to make an ethical story after watching the video, because racism is still prominent in our day and age, and exposing seventh-graders who grew up in diverse New York would experience a culture shock by knowing this type of racism still exists.

I think I was successful in creating my story because I was able to cast Emma, the racist woman, in a villainous spotlight, whereas in the video, people were able to chose being unethical or ethical in their comments. In the game, I controlled the game to come out with the ‘winning’ outcome of standing up to Emma and her ignorant, hateful comments.

In the real world, the outcome of something doesn’t always depend on whether decisions were ethical or not; in example, when someone cheats in a game, that doesn’t automatically send them to jail or something of that matter. In the game, I tried showing the negative consequences of being racist and rewarded the player with the desired outcome.


i liked how you drew your

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Submitted by 16bermejoa on Wed, 2012-01-04 15:01.

i liked how you drew your people. I was confused why the timer variable was there maybe you can hide that. The ethical descision in your story was to sit back down and not beat up the women. The wreong choice was very tempting also the choices were very clear to chose.

My tram experience project response

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Submitted by 16brooksm on Wed, 2012-01-04 20:07.

I liked the costumes of the different sprites, they were well done and funny. I also enjoyed your voice recording and great accents for the different characters.
I noticed that at the part after where you make the choice of sitting back down the characters are all on top of each other and on the text. That scene is a bit confusing but I got the general idea. Also, Perhaps you could have added some animation in some parts of you project, for example when the guy beats her up.The ethical dilemma in your story was clear. You had to decide if the man beats the racist woman up or controls his anger and stays in his seat. The wrong choice is tempting. If he decides to beat the woman up than the consequences are that he goes to jail for violent assault while if he decides to leave her alone the woman goes to jail for racist verbal assault. The mechanism for making the choices is clear.

Peer Review

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Submitted by 16cognatal on Thu, 2012-01-05 17:23.

I one hundred percent got that this was a racist incident even with out reading your discussion notes! You did well with keeping the racism within the requirement of 13 years and younger. I have seen this video and it is very dirty with the language so good job with keeping your video without curses. I also liked that you made this project with our own voice, instead of with voice bubbles. Nice touch. Overall this was a very good project!

I really enjoyed how you

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Submitted by 16lim on Thu, 2012-01-05 22:00.

I really enjoyed how you added your own voice to the interactive story and even one with a British accent at that! I also really liked the way you drew you sprites! I thought it was amazing that you could draw so well on a computer. I noticed that after the first decision, there was a second decision, but I couldn't get through to it because all the sprites covered the background and the text that was on it. That's why I could only get through the first decision. The ethical dilemma in your story was interesting and talked about racism in countries which is still a national problem because we don't always feel comfortable with different people that have different customs as we do. I understood the first decision which was to fight the racist woman or not. The choice was a little tempting because she was being very inconsiderate of others and inappropriate in the way she should have behaved as a mother. The first decision was easy to see through, except I wished you could've added voice bubbles because I couldn't really hear everything they said and I was a little confused in the beginning. Also, there is a glitch for the second decision so mechanism sort of affected the decisions.

Ethical Story Response

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Submitted by 17ordonezk on Thu, 2012-04-26 10:27.

I really liked your animation. It ran thoroughly and it was very funny. The ethical dilemma was presented very nicely and it wasn't easily resolved. I think you did a very nice job on this project. I got to use both options. Very nice!

I liked the actual plot of

Submitted by 17zhuor on Thu, 2012-04-26 13:20.

I liked the actual plot of the animation. Racism is too prominent in the world. Also, the ethical story and decision is common. You have to be mature or immature.