My Wallet

Apr 6, 2012
by: G2KevinM

Hello Bri,

I’m writing you this letter to tell you about my wallet. Yes, I said my wallet; it is very important to me. I take it everywhere, and the reason I care about my wallet so much is because of the items inside of my wallet.

What I have in my wallet is my social security card which is very important because your SS card tells the government and any official business who you are to the world, and what number you are in this whole entire country. It is very important, and in the real world its weight is very heavy because you need your SS card for everything--getting a job, going to school, getting married, everything!

Also, I have my credit card, and this is probably the most important item I have in my wallet besides cash because anything I can’t buy with cash, which includes mostly online items, I can buy with my card. Also, when you’re paying with a card it’s just a quick swipe. It makes transactions much easier and faster which is very important when you are in a hurry.

I use my wallet everyday and do not leave the house without it.

I remember when I first got it.... I went to Finish Line with my mom and we were looking for wallets because I just got my first job at Taco Bell and my mom said, “Well they’re not any wallets here. Let’s try Kohl’s.”

So, I said, “Okay, let’s go because I’m going to need a wallet so I can put all my money in it.”

So we went to Kohl’s and the whole ride there my mom had to tell me to be quiet because all I would talk about would be what I’m going to buy with the money I’m going to make from working at Taco Bell.

When we got to Kohl’s we were walking through the men’s area and there it was. Just sitting there, propped up on a box that said, “NEW!” I had to have it, so I grabbed it, opened it up, and saw all of the empty pockets. I just imagined putting all my money in it, my license, my school ID, and my social security card!

So I’m writing you this letter to tell you that if it wasn’t for you hiring me at Taco Bell, I would never have gotten to carry my wallet with me everyday, and i would have never had this memory to share with my teacher.

Thank you for the opportunity I really appreciate it.




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Submitted by tommybuteau on Sat, 2012-04-21 23:22.

Excellent letter. I love the tone in this one. Is that actually the wallet? Good work.