On My Way To The Top

Jun 3, 2012
by: oueali

Overall this school year for me has been very interesting. I grew closer to some people, and became more independent as a person. As a student, I feel that I could've done way better academically. My grades are not where I want them to be, so as of now I’m just a basic student. However, during my junior year I hope to excel and become that student that’s always on the honor roll. If I wasn’t so busy texting and on Facebook, I would've achieved all my academic goals which would've left me no choice but to sit back and relax. One goal that I have for every school year is to never give up hope, make it through High School, and actually become a surgeon one day. With this type of determination I’m bound to make it past any obstacles and eventually graduate out of Green Dot.

Writing class is the class where I got to express all my thoughts and be my own person. Some things I learned is that when you are writing you’re in control so when you make mistakes it’s okay because you can always come back and fix them. I also learned that reiterating yourself over and over again makes your writing piece very boring. The only thing I would like to change about myself in that class is all the talking I’ve done, and all the times I just sat there in complete boredom instead of doing my work. Nevertheless, writing is an essential subject to me because in the future I hope to become a surgeon. Therefore, in order for me to get my PhD., I must better my writing skills with all the chances I get so I can write my own dissertation and be somebody.

Over the past years, I became more independent, and realized that I really don't care about what others have to say. I honestly don't pay mind to the development of others around me because that’s their personal business. By being more independent, I feel like it would help me focus more on my future goals instead of worrying about how to get others where they need to be. As of now I’m a determined, optimistic girl, who has matured into a state where school is my main priority. I feel pretty confident concerning where I stand academically, and if this attitude goes on with me into Junior year, I’m bound to conquer all obstacles in my way. This I believe to be true: If you put your all into something, your results will never fail you.