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Oct 22, 2009
by: jsmith
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I remember last year, I wrote all these essays talking about philosophy relating to human thoughts and the environment. That really helped me reflect on what kind of writer I am. It opened a whole new door within my mind that I didn't even know existed.

At first, I didn't think I could write essays like those. Once I started, I realized I had a lot to say and all these logical ideas started pouring out. Obviously I had to end the essays, which was sort of a crap shoot at times because there was still so much left to type out. I was pretty amazed with myself for coming up with such wonderful pieces of work.

If you asked me to describe what kind of writer i am in one word, I would say that I am more of a prophet or a doctor of philosophy, writing a thesis. I have lived a while and I have picked up on a lot of things. This is what helps me to write the kind of things I write. It was always usually in the spur of the moment. I never really had to plan what I wanted to write. It is always just a matter of thinking about things in a logical way. Like to get to 3, you have to add 1 and 2. My ideas were literally that simple to me, and I never look for controversy. I was just writing what I felt, and that's it. Usually, people are always looking for trouble with there essays, and that's quiet silly. I just write to write and there is no other reason.

When it comes to storytelling and such, that's usually my foray, due to the fact that I have my own unique style, at least that's what people tell me. One of the ways I write stories is to basically draw on the pictures in my head. Each picture is like a scene that am describing as I go on.

I think i have pretty good humor, and i know how to incorporate those types of things into the story. I am pretty raw. It's mostly all from the heart. Once i start a story,its just like a diatribe of elongated emotions. Emotions I have felt for a long time. So if I am talking about something sad, its almost never-ending. I can always get pretty deep, sometimes so deep that sometimes I am stuck and I can't pull myself back up. I feel that I understand and i get a lot of things that people don't, so I can delve into just about any topic and twist it around into what I want to write about even if I don't know much about that topic.

Last year, I always found myself taking one sentence and turning it into two paragraphs. A lot of my problems stem from not being understood and that shows in my storytelling. It is just a matter of seeing it or not. Even though I do not speak much, I have realized that when it comes to writing stories, I have all these conversations in my head. It is kind of like I am talking to the paper.

I would say that I am the type who uses moral values instead of facts. I don''t really base what I write on those type of things. I am just more of a ethical sensible writer. Even if i were to write facts down, it would always end up being turned into something else. Every fact has a story behind it. For example, the story of where it came from and how we know its a fact. Those are the two biggest.

I really would like to become a better writer, but in order to do that, I have to come up with another core idea. What I mean by that is everything that I do, I do them for many reasons, but there is also the big reason or as i just said, the core idea. I think that our core ideas change through the ages so if you like writing and you write a lot, there might be a couple augmentations as you get older. You might develop a different style or whatever.

The reason I need to find another core idea is because there is almost nothing else to write down about it. All has been said or should I say written. I need a new base to work with and once I get that, things will be "new," if you will.

So yeah, this is the kind of writer I am and now the only way to go is up.


Well these days i have been kind of slow with my writing. There has been a huge impediment and i do not understand why. I have slowly been getting essays done these last two weeks as opposed to last year when i used to write these really long essays in 20 minutes. I think i have a block and maybe i am not focusing on what i am supposed to be focusing on. These days i have been thinking mostly about college and with all this other homework,its been a bit harder. I also study the human anatomy so that has been my big topic of interest.


The block? why?


Well i did mention that I am studying the human anatomy and that has been taking up A lot of my time. I am thinking that is why i feel this sort of block or emptiness. It would take forever to explain everything about the human anatomy but there are regions or systems. 


The thing that i like writing the most about  is thought. First of all,there are the levels, the levels in which we think. I can't really explain that right now but anyways,secondly there are the different minds. We are all different obviously which makes it that much harder to show you the connection which i believe exists. There is also the explanation for that. There is also why thoughts are important. These are just some of the topics that can be discussed when talking about thought. Thought is definitely the seed of intellect. I could easily explain all the ways in which it is important but i am not up to it right now. One thing i will say is that thoughts are like batteries. They have a positive end and a negative end. As humans,we always want to explore the positive side. Oh man think positive! It will bring more light into your life and you will feel this everlasting sensation of sanguinity. 


The head and the heart...that is where i feel the most sensation. The heart is the epitome of existence. It goes to largess lengths to help us stay alive. All I am saying is that somehow,someway we must pay for our earthly freeloading. I believe that we all have a certain way we can give back but it literally does start with us which means we first have to understand ourselves before we carry out supererogatory acts of mendacity and benevolence. There just seems to be this lack of understanding. The reason i might of felt something within my cerebral cortex was the fact that this is definitely a mind thing. It is hardly anything else. Writing is thought and thoughts germinate from the mind so i am not surprised about what i felt. My writing is not just smart but also quiet intellectual. It stems from the deeper part of me. I give you bits and pieces of the real Jonathan smith and you basically are the critic.


What I think is missing is my input on the whole situation and the fact that people do not get it. No it is not complete...i do not think it will ever be because i change with time and people change with time which means the world spins a different way every couple of years and with it comes a whole  bag of new problems. This kind of thing never gets old.



Dear Jonathan smith, I agree

Submitted by fhayes on Tue, 2009-10-27 08:55.

Dear Jonathan smith,

I agree with you because I also feel I could write me last year and quicker. I feel this way because I am more laid back this year and I think that is why I dont write so much right now, even though I should be writing more because I am heading to college soon.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is"I have lived a while and I have picked up on a lot of things. This is what helps me to write the kind of things I write". I think this is good because you are showing growth in your writing and your getting better as a writer.

Another sentence thatI felt stood out for me was "The thing that i like writing the most about  is thought" it made me think that you care about what you do.