A Neighbor Full With Nightmares

May 10, 2016
by: aruiz
By Anthony Ruiz

Well how can I tell this story without feeling sick inside but what i'm about tell you might change the way you look at your neighbor but I’m going to tell you the story anyway because the neighbor I had was a nightmare that I will never forget.

( SIGH ).... OK so this all started when mother bought this new house in a really nice and clean neighborhood in the Bronx, The house was really big with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and it also had one really small basement but i’m not a fan of basements anyway. But that's besides the point, When we as in me and my mom first got to the house the neighbor looked like it has never been touch but so perfect but kinda weird because it’s new york and it didn't look like crime was or happened there.

So when we parked the car in front of the driveway I notice something strange with our neighbor next door and how he looked at us as we got out of the car, He gave us the face like if he just killed someone and we was his next target but I just ignore him and took all of our stuff inside the house.

As soon as we was done unpacking our stuff she told me “ Let's meet our new neighbors” But I’m not really a people person but if I didn't do it my mom would take my video games away so I was basically forced into doing it, So I decided to go to the man next door.

When I came up to his door it smell like death, It smelled so bad I felt like if my noise was about to fall off, So when I knocked on the door 2 times the door open slowly and I peek into the door and said “ Hello” but I got no response but I heard a really loud BANG down in the basement and I also heard a woman struggling and I seen horror movies before and this reminds me of one of them, So I walked inside and looked around the house looked clean on the outside but on the inside it was dirty and filthy with clothes scattered around the house and also unfinished meals and snacks on the tables and on the cabinets too.

So I walked around looking for the basement but when I saw it, It had dry blood on the handle so I didn't hesitate to see if someone was down stairs hurt……..but when I got down stairs I saw….( GULP )..I saw 4 headless bodies hanging upside down, A old fish tank full with the heads of the bodies, And a whole wall full with weapons like machetes, knifes , and a chainsaw and I instantly threw up in a corner but after that I hear someone walking down the stairs so I hid behind the stairs covering myself with boxes that way he can see me.

He walks down with a sledgehammer in his hand and he look really dirty like if he just buried something but you guys are probably like you think but I didn't know at the time considering that I was to scared and afraid, So when he wasn't looking I ran up the stairs but he saw me and chase me up the stairs but I close the door in his face and ran to the front door but it was lock so I took one of his chairs and threw it out the window to escape.

So after that I told my mom and call the police on him but when they got to his house he wasn't there but they did find all of the bodies so at least they can find him by the fingerprints but seeing all of those bodies that he murdered and plus me almost getting killed and maybe ending up like the bodies hanging in his basement really scared me for life.