New Friends are Silver but Old Friends are Gold

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20vamab
New Friends are Silver but Old Friends are Gold :ACT 1
New Friends are Silver but Old Friends are Gold : ACT 2
New Friends are Silver but Old Friends are Gold :ACT 3
New Friends are Silver but Old Friends are Gold : ACT 4
New Friends are Silver but Old Friends are Gold : FINAL BACKDROP
New Friends are Silver but Old Friends are Gold : TITLE PAGE

INTRODUCTION: My project is about a conflict between friends and about speaking your mind because time doesn't wait and if you don't speak up then an opportunity passes by. In my signer the friend s are separated for the entire day because one of the friends didn't say she felt uncomfortable when the other friend wanted to go hang out with other friends. this experience was challenging because the animation website that was used had specific rules and things you had to do in order to get your animation in a specific way. I liked that we were given the freedom to use our creativityin a big way for a unit project. After my experience I think the secret to creating a good animation is to have a detailed plan and then to follow that plan exactly. Unfortunatly becasue of time I had to make changes but im still proud of my animation.
Scene 1 Act 1
Setting: a flat plain with valleys in the background
Enter friend 1 stage right
Friend 1: What a beautiful day it is outside!
Enter friend 2 stage left
Friend 2: I know right ! We should go to the park!
Friend 1: We will have so much fun! I can’t wait!
Dog: ruff ruff
Friend 2: would you like to come along?
Dog: Yes ruff!
Exit friend 1 Stage Right
Exit friend 2 stage right
Exit Dog stage right
Scene 2 Act 2
Setting: The Playground
Enter dog stage left
Enter friend 1 stage left
Enter friend 2 stage left
Friend 1: Thank you for leading the way dog!
dog: You're ruff welcome
Popular Friends: Hey Friend 1, want to come eat frozen yogurt?
Friend 1 : Can friend 2 come?
Popular Friends: Ew no!
Friend 1: Ok then Im sorry I cant go.
popular Friends : Ok fine your loss.
Friend 2:Oh its ok, you can go with them if you want to.
Friend 1: Are you sure?
Friend 2: Yes!
Exit friend 1 Stage Right
Exit friend 2 stage right
Exit Dog stage right
Exit popular friends stage right
Scene 3 Act 3
Setting: Frozen Yogurt Shop
Enter popular group stage left
Enter Friend 1 Stage left
Popular Friends: I'm so glad you came without that loser.
Friend 1:Why is she a loser?
Popular Friends: Because she reads all the time and has that filthy dog
Friend 1:Hey!,Thats not very nice
Popular Friends: Well If you don’t think she is a loser you are not allowed to hang out with us.
Friend 1: Fine
Exit friend 1 stage right
Exit Popular Friends stage left
Scene 4 Act 4
Setting: Town
Enter Friend 1 stage left
Dog : ruff ruff
Friend 2 : How did you find me?
Friend 1 :I knew you would be here, why are you sad?
Friend 2 : I think you know why.
Friend 1: Well you said I could go and it wouldn’t bother you, so if it does why did you say it in the first place?
Friend 2: I was only being polite and humble
Friend 1 : lets make a deal. Next time something like this occurs we each other tell the truth.
Friend 2: Ok I’m sorry for everything.
Friend 1 :No its ok. Those kids aren’t real friends .I’m sorry I left, I should have never left
Friend 2: Its ok!
Mother enters stage left
Mother: time to go home girls!
Both girls say: ok!
Friend 1 exit stage left
Friend 2 exit stage left
mother exit stage left
Dog exit stage left
Session 1 developers log:
I only finished step 1 because I had to spend time searching a way to find how to make the title disappear. I ended up making it glide so far it couldn't be seen. I will have to do step 2 at home it will probably take me 10-20 minutes more in my next session
Session 2 Developers log:
I finished all the steps up to step 6 meaning I gave myself a greater estimate than necessary but im glad i did since i also had time to finish the step I didn’t complete last class. I had to change the backgrounds because Scratch didn't let me import the background from storyboard all of the backgrounds are completely changed from the original vision. For example the playground only has nets and platforms instead of a balance beam, swing-set, and sandbox.
session 3 developers log:
I finished in 4 hours and I made a lot of changes. The characters are totally changed by their appearance because I couldn't figure out how to import them from storyboard. One problem that occurred was that I forgot to save my animation so I had to redo my last two scenes on Tuesday morning. I took out the mom because there were no sprites that looked like moms and I felt her sprite was unnecessary I just told Friend 2 to say “lets go home now”. I also didn’t have them exit stage left they exited by just hiding while the closing backdrop came on. Everything else went fine.