To The New Superintendent Of Oakland Unified

Submitted by jgomez on Sun, 2013-04-28 23:08

When the new superintendent takes the office in Oakland Unified. Violence is an issue at Fremont High School that she and the administration of my high school will need to face alot of issues to do something about it and have more protection at school. This is a important topic because if students and parents feel unsafe and concerned about the environment soon enough students will stop enrolling.

Our 11th grade English class recently finished the memoir "Down This Mean Streets" by Piri Thomas, who writes about his life growing up puerto rican in spanish Harlem. One way he describes New York that Fremont is alike is when he says "Even the belongs to your own people, you are still an outsider who has to prove himself a down stud with heart"(Page 47). This was important to me because it's true either way you prove you are from there you need to proof or be an outsider. This connects to Fremont issue because violence is the only way to show.

To begin to solve the problems of violence at fremont in our school the new superintendent, working with the Fremont High administration and teachers, should increase securitys in campus and cameras. Its really important you decrease the violence at fremont because it can get out of control. I think it should be on your major prioty list because the safety of students should be first.

jazmin gomez


I to believe that violence is

Submitted by JackyHuynh on Tue, 2013-04-30 21:42.

I to believe that violence is a huge issue and needs to be dealt with in our schools. I liked how you know that your work superintendent is working on ways to solve the problem. It shows that you did research around your community/school to find out about violence.

Hello Jasmin, Agree with you

Submitted by neesah (not verified) on Tue, 2013-05-07 13:32.

Hello Jasmin,

Agree with you over these few years Fremont High student roll had dropped alot we dont have mini kids but at same time if there was alot of students at fremont dont you think that fremont will be alot more hecitc than it already is? I beleave that administrators need to make their school enviroment alot more stronger before they invite more kids.