New ways of forming energy

Sep 15, 2014
by: ALopez

I'm a senior at Fremont High School, and this year my senior project is going to be about the new ways of forming energy. Also how unfair is for people with low income to not be able to enjoy this new forms of energy. I want to show the benefits of changing to solar energy and why it should be a require for people to change from electricity to solar energy. I’m really interesting in this topic because I feel like we need to save the world and stop the global warming for us and for our future people.

I found this website that talks about Biomass “biopower” a type of energy, this energy is form by plant material and animal waste. It also talk about that this energy form will help avoid global warming and how America can turn into a clean energy future:

I also found this website that talks about how poor people have a hard time getting access to the new forms of energy. It also explains how the the sectors are working in tacking energy deprivation so that in the future poor people can enjoy the new forms of energy just like the rich will enjoy it:

Any suggestions and feedback would help, thanks for passing way!


I think that you're talking

Submitted by Mr. Anthony on Wed, 2014-09-17 12:04.

I think that you're talking about an important subject, what with groundbreaking new technologies and current studies on climate change.  I especially like how you tied in how low-income folks have a more challenging time accessing green technology.  It makes me think of the new Tesla car, which is supposed to be the future of electronic transportation, but it also costs over $70,000 (way too much for the average person, let alone someone who qualifies as low-income).

Hello I am Abby, a senior at

Submitted by Abby.Isaacson on Mon, 2014-09-22 18:53.

Hello I am Abby, a senior at Judge Memorial Catholic High school, in Salt Lake City Utah. I find your senior project very interesting! I think the ideas you bring up about the expenses of trying to be energy efficient is a problem in our society. I feel as though many people want to live their lives with the least carbon footprint possible, but sometimes the costs of products make it a hard goal to achieve. I think our society should come up with new ways in which people of any income are able to be efficient in their energy consumption. Perhaps you could come up with a way, or find out how people can reduce their carbon footprint at a low cost. This way more lower income families can help reduce their affect on global warming to benefit the entirety of our population.