New York Primary Results

Apr 21, 2016
by: 18kimj

Based off the New York Primary results, Donald Trump won with 60.4 percent of the votes, and Hillary Clinton won with 58 percent of the votes. The results of the New York Primary also shows that there is a lot of Donald Trump supporters from where I live, Woodside. In Woodside, approximately 44.8 percent of the people voted for Donald Trump, while 41.4 percent of the people voted for John Kasich, and 13.8 percent voted for Ted Cruz. In the Democratic side of the New York Primary, the citizens in Woodside voted mainly for Hillary Clinton. In my neighborhood, 84 people voted for Hillary Clinton, while 69 people voted for Bernie Sanders. Based off the result, it shows that there is a huge amount of supporters for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in my neighborhood.