Like no other

May 16, 2011

Dazed by its sight
Its color overwhelms the naked eye
Its texture soft,
like the fur of a cat

Its origin looks like that of a Siberian leopard
So bright,
It captures the attention of many
Astounded by it's ethereal beauty

The tallest of it's kind,
It feels separated from the others
Can't be blamed for outclassing the rest



rvlas's picture
Submitted by rvlas on Mon, 2011-05-16 09:33.

Dear David!

Thank you for this poem about an iris flower, “Like No Other." I really like how you describe the flower as ethereal because that’s a word that not often used, and I applaud you for using it. This has an astonishing effect on the reader, shocking them with the complex and detailed description of this wonderful, unique flower. It makes one curious to know what it looks like.

An ethereal flower is unique. No one else has seen it before you.

I also think a flower like this should be called the "Flower of  God" because its unique and ethereal and what not. Maybe this flower could even be the source for the elixir of  life.

There seems to be no evidence of such a flower existing, although anything is possible.

All of this inspires me to go out there and scour the earth for more uniqueness that I could maybe find.

I wrote a poem in response to your poem.

Oh ethereal flower,
which you are so perfect in every single way,
who lost you on this cruel cruel world?

I believe I can fly

Submitted by pdass on Sun, 2011-05-22 19:51.

Dear David,

Thanks for this poem of yours about the Iris flower. I really like the way you took the pictures of it with different rotations and almost made it seem like it was a flower that was flying. Your poem is interesting to hear because I agree with what you write: "The flower is very beautiful and wavy, that has flapping wings."

I did some research into these flowers, and I found out that the name of this flower is Iris and also known as “Junos.“ They have been used in two different ways, one way as a perfume and medicine from the roots of the flower.  The second way is for medicine, mostly for babies for teething. Also today this flower is known for giving absolute oil.

“Iris is the Greek word for the colorful rainbow that symbolized the messenger of the gods.” (Rotem - Israel Plants Information Center, "Irises in Art and Culture," 2002)

The flower is also used as a messenger of god and written above, and also people back then used it for other cases: “Iris cultivation probably started with the Egyptians or the Romans. The rhizomes were used for medical and perfumery uses.”  This quote is about how Romans and Egyptians have used it back then.

All of this inspires me to write a poem.

Your beautiful flying flower,
your name is iris and makes me want to fly
the beauty of its color and so many extra ordinary uses
Want to hold the flower give it to anyone
who has any sickness or problems
so they can feel like they are flying.